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Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing v1.38.3 (Mod) Apk

Dominate your psychopathic rivals one-on-one in extreme drag races! Download Top Speed ​​NOW!

Hit crazy speeds by executing your gearshifts and nitro boosts with perfect timing.

Drive 69 cars, take on 20 crime lords and become the biggest boss in town.
Characteristics :
– Choose from 69 cars: sports cars, dragsters and police vehicles
– Let your creativity speak with a host of settings and customization options
– Route 5 neighborhoods each with its own atmosphere and gang
– Race on an aircraft carrier as real as life
– Epic arcade game modes
– Adrenaline rush guaranteed with Most Wanted Police Chases
– Stunning 3D HD graphics


Top Speed ​​is the new benchmark in drag racing games. Have you always wanted to face the unstable members of the underworld in underground races? Show everyone who’s boss in the height of luxury cars? Get behind the wheel and expect to gasp when you trigger the nitro.


In Top Speed, you can adjust and modify your vehicle as you wish. Increase the engine power, improve your gearbox and your nitro, repaint your car… You can even stick stickers on it if you feel like it. All of this will have a definite impact on the realistic sensations of driving. By unlocking Elite Dragsters, you can also access the craziest visual changes on the black market. All the proceeds of the criminal world are at your disposal, just make sure you put them to good use while racing.


Choose your car from 69 models: you can drive classic sports cars, new heavily modified dragsters and even police vehicles from 5 different countries.


Nothing will stop you from squealing the tires. The races take place away from the borrowed areas, away from traffic. So you can let go of the burns, heat the asphalt and ride without limits.


Defeat the odds as a mafia underling and climb the ranks. At each stage you will have to face one of the 20 crime lords who rule the city with an iron fist. Asphalt will be your battleground. No limit will be imposed on you: let yourself be guided by your ambition and adrenaline in this race. You’re the best new rider on these streets, but your rivals don’t know it yet. Teach them a good lesson: trigger the nitro and make them breathe the smoke of your burns! Children, don’t do this at home!


Race through 5 beautiful and diverse neighborhoods. Quench your thirst for tourism in the picturesque suburbs and in the city center where social life is teeming. Drive for fame and adrenaline in Little Asia, a district that takes the best of China and the Western world. Hit crazy speeds on the scenic drive. As a professional arcade driver, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off at the wheel in incredibly realistic settings.

Your talents will be put to the test.

Download for free now.

Get ready and put on the eraser!

Finally available on Google Play, and this for FREE!

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