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SimCity BuildIt Apk v1.38.0.99752 Mod

Welcome ! Be the hero of your own city by creating a bustling metropolis. It’s up to you to make your city grow and become more complex. Make wise choices so that your citizens are happy and your horizon grows. Exchange, chat, play and join clubs. Build the extraordinary!


Build skyscrapers, parks, bridges and more! Place buildings strategically to collect taxes and develop your city. Solve real problems like traffic and pollution. Provide services like electricity and police. Streamline traffic with boulevards and trams.


Build Japanese, London or Parisian districts and unlock exclusive monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Discover new technologies with the cities of the future and give pride of place to sport by building stadiums. Decorate your city with rivers, lakes and forests and spread it on the beach or in the mountain. Unlock new architecturally unique regions, such as the Sunshine Isles or the Frozen Fjords. You will always find something to make your city unique.


Defend your city from monsters or face off against other mayors in club wars. Strategize with your club members and declare war on other cities, then unleash catastrophes like the Disco Whirlwind and Plant Monster. Earn rewards for winning the war or for improving your city. And compete against other players in Contest of Mayors, where you can complete weekly challenges and climb the ranks. Each new season brings new rewards to beautify your city!

TEAM ◾ ◾ ◾

Join a club of mayors to exchange materials and discuss available strategies and resources. Work with another mayor. Build big, team up, lead other mayors and watch your city come to life!

Important information. This application:
Requires a permanent internet connection (access charges may apply). Acceptance of the User Agreement is required. EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy applies. Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links to websites and social networks for over 15s in France and 13 in Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. The app uses Google Play Game Services. Sign out of Google Play Game Services before installation if you don’t want to share your game with your friends.

User Agreement: https://terms.ea.com/fr
Personal data protection and cookies policy: https://privacy.ea.com/fr
Visit https://help.ea.com/en/ for any questions or support requests.

EA reserves the right to discontinue online functionality after 30 days notice posted at www.ea.com/en-us/service-updates.

What’s New?

Let your creative skills shine with City Design Challenges, our new gameplay mode in which mayors get to design cityscapes that fit a given theme. Collect votes to win valuable prizes or vote for cities designed by others to help the best-looking city win.

In addition, we bring two new Mayor’s Pass Seasons: Australian Outback and The Timeless Sands. Compete to unlock buildings such as Koala Grove or Camel Racing Track, and to win the ultimate prize – the alluring Uluru!

Happy building!



1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Money
3. Unlimited Golden Keys
4. Can be played online
5. Player ID is NOT associated with others player
6. This will generate your own unique player ID
7. All Versions Supported
8. You can update the game after applying this cheat
9. All Buildings already Constructed
10. All Constructed Buildings are Omega Buildings
11. All Buildings fully upgraded
12. More than 2 million Population
13. 100 Happiness

• This will remove your current progress!
• Backup your game data!

Enjoy Mod

Note: Run the game without the Internet, if the game asks to download resources, turn on the Internet and download. After that, immediately turn off the Internet. The following launches of the game to conduct without the Internet!

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