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Rope Hero Vice Town v6.1.6 (MOD) APK

Meet the biggest free game update about the funny blue superhero. We have made huge improvements and additions. The updated world has become even more interesting and exciting. We’ve improved the graphics quality, completely redesigned the huge open world, and increased its size.

Now it’s time to become a real superhero. It’s time to be strong, fast and fearless. Start your mission now and climb to the top of fame. Try your hand at an exciting 3D third person shooter game with RPG elements, get new gaming experience and new emotions by playing the new version.

Use your power to free the city from crime. The main character still has to fight evil by playing interesting quests. The hero will fight with gangsters and other evil that filled this city. The hero will gain fame and gain enormous popularity in the city. In addition, the hero awaits exciting chases and fights with various bosses.

Your character still has superpowers. He has unlimited super rope in his Arsenal, as well as the ability to do mega jumps and landings, the ability to move around buildings, and a lot more cool stuff. With the help of a rope, the hero can quickly move through the buildings in the city, move on the buildings and be aware of what is happening on the streets of the city.

We have significantly expanded the game store, as well as product discounts. The game has updated the range of ammo for the player, you can customize your character using all the sets. What makes it unique among the others.

The game updated the set of vehicles, appeared Beach SUV, Bike, Upgraded Pink Tank, Helicopter, Airplane. The game has a large number of improved vehicles for movement, everyone can choose their own transport to taste.

Your in-game superhero has a huge Arsenal of cool coins. Try the most popular of them, you can get them in the play store.

Skateboard-this thing is always available for the Player, with it you can more interesting to move around the city, perform interesting tricks and maneuvers.

An improved version of the parachute, it has more controllability, with the help of the updated parachute, the hero will be able to perform more extreme tricks.

Glider – an addition to the superhero costume that allows him to fly on jet propulsion, like a fast military plane. This trick allows you to move around the map very quickly, to escape prosecution. The jet wings are equipped with a weapon system that extends functionality and allows fire to be returned.

Selfie stick – allows you to take photos of interesting moments in the game and share them with your friends. This funny thing can also be a great way of self defense. Since then a real superhero is always on alert.

The game has expanded the Arsenal of weapons, new sci-fi blasters, and classic powerful shotguns.

We hope you will like the new version of the game very much.

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