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Pizza Boy GBA Pro v3.9.2 (Skins) (Bios) (Mod) Apk

The best pocket emulator is here!

Improvements over the free version:

♦ Beautiful graphical interface
♠ Customizable skins
♦ Tips
♠ Google Drive synchronization
♦ Fast / automatic backup
♠ Local multiplayer and Wifi
♦ An improved settings menu
♠ Improved control system
♦ BIOS support
♠ Cartridge hardware support (gyroscope, light sensor, tilt sensor, rumble pack)
♦ Rewind
♠ Boxarts

Common features with Pizza Boy GBA Free

– Very high scores on precision tests
– Totally written in C and assembled for incredible performance and low battery consumption
– Take advantage of native OpenGL and OpenSL libraries for top video and audio performance
– 60 FPS guaranteed even on old equipment
– Save and restore states
– Slow motion / Fast forward
– Total customization of the size and position of the buttons
– Support for hardware joypads
– Shaders
– Supports zip and 7z archives

Warning! Roma not included!

Bugs? Request for features? Write to me at: [email protected]

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


The license check has been removed. Signature test. Synchronization with Google Drive won’t work.


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