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Knights Fight: Medieval Arena v1.0.22 (Mod) APK

Do you have enough courage to fight face to face with the best knights? Hear how your heart beats in anticipation of battle! Feel the tension of battle and see how the cold steel of the blade slices through enemy armor!
The fury of combat is changed by the intoxicating feeling of victory, accessible only to the most heroic and brave fighters … Check your strength and learn, if you are worthy of glory!

Put on your armor, take the trusty sword in your hands, and pass the path from novice-recruit to the legendary warrior of the realm! Fight battles in the medieval arena with thousands of knights of steel in the most realistic, dynamic and spectacular game of knightly duels and tournaments for mobile devices!


– Take part in fast and exciting duels in the arena!
– Attack and defeat rivals with combined lethal blows!
– Challenge the best fighters and take off the crown!
– Climb to the top of the Global Leader Board and earn glory and wealth!


– Choose what suits you: there is a swift blade, a heavy deadly club or a sharp combat hip.
– Uncover the new line of armor, shields and weapons.
– Upgrade equipment and try out different combat tactics.
– Use combination hits and super hits wisely to win even the strongest rivals.


– Fight with real players in asynchronous network play!
– Defeat friends in local real-time battles!
– Check your strength in deadly PvE trials!
– Take part in weekly PvP tournaments with big jackpots!
– Complete daily missions and earn rewards!
– Crush rivals with super and awesome combo hits!
– Become the invincible king and the champion of the knightly arena!
– New Deadly Survival Regime – the deadly battle for survival soon will be available only for the most valiant fighters!


– Enjoy realistic 3D-graphics and visual effects.
– Fight in the various locations, ie in the arenas, in the dungeon and above the abyss.
– Animating knights using motion-capture technology will transfer you directly to the medieval battlefield.

Welcome to the epic knightly era! Be ready to fight your way to glory and wealth with sword and shield through thousands of rivals in the isolated, multiplayer regime in this new free to play free game.

Call your friends and fight with them in online duels in the arena. All your debates will be resolved in real-time battles. Become legend and earn the glory of the bravest knight!

Enjoy the games about clan fights, castle sieges or empire building. Forget about racing, military strategy or fantasy MMOs. Here you will get real hardcore realistic 3D action third person fighting game. If you want to step into the real middle ages with its harsh and dangerous adventurous ways, the free PvP and PvE fighting game “Knights Fight: Medieval Arena” is for you! Here you’ll find chivalrous tournaments and furious stakes duels, epic arena battles and deadly skirmishes for survival. The battle for the throne and the championship titles has begun and only you, the valiant knight, can you decide who will emerge victorious in this dangerous fight!

Play Knights Fight: Medieval Arena for free right now and be sure to show up in battle!


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