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Injustice 2 4.0.1 (Mod) Apk

Join your DC superheroes and villains in one of the best free mobile fighting games. Form a team of legendary superheroes like Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Flash and Wonder Woman to fight your opponents. Master new combos and crush your opponents in dynamic 3v3 combat. Upgrade your superheroes with special powers as you progress through the game. Become a champion by collecting equipment for your characters and dominating your enemies in PvP challenges. Each epic fight in this collectible brawl card game defines you. Fight and become the ultimate DC champion!
● Choose from the biggest roster of DC superheroes and villains in a fighting game!
● Featuring fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, and amazing new villains such as Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd and Deadshot from Suicide Squad
● Control the appearance of your characters, the way they fight and evolve with a variety of game modes!
● Unleash epic combos on your opponents using Superman’s heat vision, Flash’s lightning kick, Harley Quinn’s cupcake bomb and more
● Level Up – Deal massive amounts of damage using hits from your favorite DC characters
● Get rewards with every fight to customize your superheroes with powerful equipment and collect special characters like Superman battleship, Batman Knight of Arkham and more
● Team up with friends in this game and form an unstoppable team! Together, you will be able to prevent the collection of worlds and defeat the ultimate boss, Brainiac
● Socialize – chat with friends, give Hero Shards, go on raids, and more!
● Injustice 2 is the sequel to the story of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us
● Immerse yourself in the cutscenes with your console. With the Justice League destroyed, continue the story and build a team
● Other superhero games do not compete! Discover the best graphics on mobile. Play with Superman, Flash, Batman, and more in high definition battles
● Become the champion the world needs. Enter a superhero arena where only the mighty win
● Even killed by Superman, the Joker continues to haunt those touched by his madness. By destroying Metropolis, he created the enemies of Superman and Batman. If the Joker saw the chaos he created, he would laugh about it!
● Enter the competition. Take advantage of daily challenges and move up the leaderboards with each victory
● Enter the PvP arena and fight against players from around the world to become champion
● Unite the powers of The Flash, Supergirl, Batman and more to participate in epic PvP battles
● Explore new synergies – League of Anarchy, Justice League, Multiverse, Suicide Squad, Batman Ninja and Legendary!
● Unlock a new type of gear – Artifacts can be added to any hero to get unique stats and bonuses!
● Arena of Champions (beta) is here – Show off your team, skills, and techniques in the biggest fighting competition. The Arena of Champions brings together the best fighters to earn exclusive rewards, reach new heights and fight against the players of the world!
Download this epic, free game and unite YOUR Justice League!

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1. God Mode (Enemies do not attack)
2. High Damage
3. No Skill Cooldown
4. Instant Swap


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