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Hunting Simulator Game. The hunter simulator v5.05 (Mod) Apk


We would like to make a realistic hunting simulator – join us!
Walk, seek, aim, get – be a hunter.

The game includes:

* Maps (hunting locations): Argentina, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom United, United States – Alaska, Eastern USA, Brazil and more

* Shooting range with skeet and target shooting

* Shooting weapon:
Semi-automatic 8/16 / 12g / 12v / 12g shotguns / .410 caliber
.223 / .308 / .338 / .50 rifles with sights for better shooting experience
Hunting bows and crossbows
* Ballistic calculator with wind effect
* Different types of shells

* Hunting dogs – issue orders and be a hunter with dogs. Hunting with dogs is like professional hunting!

* Animal hunting (wild animals)
Moose hunting
Wild boar / pig hunting
Deer hunting
Bear hunting
Deer hunting
Fox hunting
Wolf hunt
Rabbit hunting

* Bird hunting
Goose hunting
Woodcock hunting
Duck hunting / Duck hunting
Pigeon hunting
Partridge hunting
Pheasant hunting
Grouse hunting
Black grouse hunting
Capercaillie hunting

Hunter Simulator: Feel the call of a wildlife hunter with:
* Lure
* Binoculars with different magnifications and distance calculations
* Thermal imager and night vision device
* Animated reloading weapons
* Professional night hunting

Hunting equipment: camouflage, flashlight

We will add more:
Turkey hunting
Snipe hunting
No more hunting with dogs
Free hunting
Hunter competition
Hunting championships

We invite you to shoot and hunt animals. Android Hunting Game Free Download! Android hunting simulator.

No advertising and no internet (offline play)


Unlimited Money
High level starting


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