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FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered v1.0.0 (Paid) APK+OBB

・ Downloading this app requires approximately 2.59 GB of free space. Be sure to allocate enough space and time on your device before proceeding.
・ You will only need to perform one download of large amount of data while playing the game.
・ It will take a while for the app to download due to its size. We highly recommend downloading the game via Wi-Fi.
・ Cloud save and controller compatibility options will be implemented in a future update.

[Read carefully before playing]

* Getting in or out of vehicles such as cars, or the university can sometimes get your character stuck between the vehicle and the terrain, or freeze the vehicle. This problem seems to occur more often when exiting your vehicle near impassable terrain, or when entering or exiting your vehicle during certain preset events. The only solution currently available is to load a saved game beforehand, so be sure to save regularly.

* Certain locations may make it difficult to travel at high speed x3. We recommend that you deactivate this option if necessary.

* Be sure to check the FAQ section of our support page for solutions to common issues:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you again for your interest in our product.

■ Summary

First released on February 11, 1999, FINAL FANTASY VIII has been a huge hit with gamers, surpassing other popular titles in the FINAL FANTASY franchise with over 9.6 million copies sold worldwide. Now players can experience FINAL FANTASY VIII on their smartphone! Thanks to new character animations, the world of FINAL FANTASY VIII is even more beautiful than before.

This game is a remaster of the PC version of FINAL FANTASY VIII. This app is a one-time purchase. No other fees will be charged after downloading.

■ History

It’s the war.
The republic of Galbadia, under the yoke of the witch Edea, has mobilized its mighty army against the other nations of the world.
Squall and the other members of the elite SeeD mercenary group ally with the resistance fighter Rinoa to fight the tyranny of Galbadia and prevent Edea from reaching her goal.


・ G-Force
The G-Forces are creatures summoned to protect the protagonists of FFVIII. Call on them during combat to unleash and increase their power alongside playable characters. By combining the G-Forces, players will enjoy greater freedom in combat.

Get magic by stealing it (or extracting it) during combat. There is no MP in FFVIII, players only have the amount of magic they have. The magic thus extracted can be used immediately or stored for later use.

This system allows players to equip characters with G-Forces and stored magic in order to increase their power.

■ Other characteristics

・ Combat bonus
HP and ATB gauge are always at their maximum level, and you can trigger Limit Breaks at any time.
・ No random encounters
Turn random encounters on or off.
・ Accelerated Speed ​​x3
Scroll through scenes three times faster.

[Minimum configuration]
Android 6.0 or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more

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