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Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror game v3.0.4 (Mod Apk)

★★★ Millions of players have entered this scary academy game ★★★

Your mission: enter the horrible and terrifying academy to end the music that continues to torment you every night in your worst horrific nightmares.

Inside the dark basement you will find not only your neighbor, a mad old musician, but an endless array of monstrous creatures and cosmic horrors that will protect him from intruders. If you like horror games, you are welcome!

It’s easy? Maybe not! This violin could be the key to everyone.

Solve puzzles and use items at each required location to understand the horror story that makes Erich a creepy violin slave.

Make no noise and hide or the ghost from another dimension will find you. You can use a weapon to avoid the evil enemy.

if you want to end the curse of the violin, you have to solve puzzles and collect magical items, while escaping the demons of the horrible academy. Maybe just like that you will understand the terrifying story that takes place in this horror mansion

Be careful and don’t make noise! for here the walls shelter unspeakable horrors. Be careful and patient, hide yourself and remember to adapt to your surroundings to survive using whatever weapon you find in your way as a weapon in this horror game.

This scary game includes:

– Ghost mode for easy completion in this nightmarish atmosphere
Tips and clues translated in different regions.
– A great spooky map with a dungeon and monsters
– A large map with lots of puzzles to complete
– You must survive the zombies coming from hell
– Different endings for each enemy: mad clown, scary ghoul, famous assassins and other demons.
– Rescue mission so difficult to complete
Best horror game: intense gameplay, unexpected encounters and a nightmarish vibe

If you like scary games and horror games, please send us your feedback to [email protected] to make this survival escape game better.

Is it Erich Sann the bad guy? do you think so? … you have to find out what is going on inside …


A large number of coins (they can be spent on opening paid characters)
Dumb bots.
If you do not need a stupid bot, then install the mod, start the game, wait for the main menu to be displayed, then set the original without deleting anything.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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