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Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match v1.1.7 (Mod Apk)

Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match v1.1.7 (Mod Apk)



Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match v1.1.7 (Mod Apk) Basketball league takes the basketball free throw game to a whole new level! With different level passing goals and obstacles, you will find a brand new basketball game with exciting challenges!

Players need to practice both backboard throwing and clear shot skills for different level requirements. At some levels, you need to hit the board with extra bonus, or aim at moving baskets. Wait till energy bar reaches to top and create a fireball to burn the net!

3 different game modes
Participate in different games to experience 1v1 excitement, classic arcade challenge, or use different techniques/tools to complete level goals. You can join the basketball career by passing hundreds levels of challenges, or compete with other players in 1V1 arena! Whoever wins the game gets all the enter fee! In mini games mode, you can save some arcade tokens for lottery and classic basketball throwing machine. How far can you go on the leaderboard?

Beautiful basketball courts and stylish basketball collections
In this game, players can start intense competitions at the resort by the sea, big stadium or street basketball courts. You can also pick a basketball with cute look such as panda or yellow duck, or use one from Super Rare basketball collections with special effects. Each basketball is designed for different levels in the game, to help you pass the level easier.

Hundreds of challenging levels
Free for download
Great basketball collections
6 different basketball courts with great views
4 innovative tools help you to pass the level easier.
3 game modes which include career, 1v1 and mini games.


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