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Awakening of Dragon v2.7.1 (Mod) APK

AOD mmorpg The most anticipated AAA live in SEA! Log in now to get B.diamond * 5000, abundant epic weapons and other amazing packs in the game! Limited time mount and superior server are waiting for you!

Thousands of years ago, Demon King Baal led the demonic horde in an invasion of the Divine Realm. Battle after battle the gods had suffered defeat, and the destruction of the divine realm was almost complete. In order to save their last remaining hope, the seven divine dragons tore a hole in spacetime and traveled to the Arcus Harmonious Land. There they use their abilities to create a new world and 3 races, humans, elves and dwarves, who lived under the protection of 4 divine dragons.
As time passed, the power of the divine dragon began to fade and the demonic horde traveled to Arcus through the hole in spacetime to destroy this land. Only the Chosen One can possess the Dragon Crystal and awaken the power of the Dragon Soul. Only then can the demonic horde be defeated and Arcus saved.

[game features]

Double format conversion. Awaken the sleeping ancient divine dragons
In [Arcus], the dragon represents absolute faith and authority. Legends say that the Proud Dragon had never bowed its noble head, until the Chosen One appeared before him with the Crystal Dragon Divine. Ice, Fire, Light, Darkness, Life, Time and Space: Unlock 7 Dragon Gods with our innovative transformation system. Transform into a dragon and dispatch your enemies quickly with exhilarating in-game controls.

– Gorgeous visuals, explore the world of endless adventures
Misty Forest, Moonlit Lake, Frost Tundra, Elf Swamp… An unprecedented feast for the eyes in a large world of 10,000 square kilometers! 360-degree panoramic flight, immersive graphics, dynamic light show and ultra-clear particle effects: Arcus landscapes have it all!

– Switch between melee and range classes at will
Forget the traditional warriors, tower and arrows lessons. Be an archer who transforms into a melee divine dragon to take the enemy head on, or a warrior who transforms into a magical dragon to bombard the enemy with spells from afar: the divine dragon transformation system completely overthrows traditional caste systems.

– Dragon Conquest, SvS Dimension Battle
In our innovative game [SvS World War], players must battle other worlds as they fight for themselves in this massive multiplayer critical experience. Server vs server, army vs army, world vs world. If you don’t want to succumb, take your weapon and fight to the death!

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AODefun/

Mod: 1) DumbEnemy

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