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Attack on Tank v3.5.1 (Mod) APK

The lost hardcore and immersive experience is here!
Why not experience real, forgotten combat, too?
This game has been downloaded over a million times in total, thanks to you.

As a member of a tank platoon, you will take on various missions!
A fierce battle between tanks in an immersive battlefield!
Cooperation with the allies is essential to advance the battle to your advantage.
Use your tactics to bridge the power gap between you and the powerful enemy forces!
Can you survive and become a hero on this fierce battlefield?
It’s free to download and play right now!


Features :

– You can play against players all over the world in online multiplayer (PvP match).
– 3D tank action and simulation game, free application to fight with real tanks.
– You can move freely on the vast open world battlefield.
– On the island’s terrain, battleships and cruisers will come to support the land combat!
– The missions are very varied: reconnaissance, ambushes, raids and blitz.
– Realistic staging and sounds let you experience a sense of urgency on the battlefield which is more than just a tank game.
– Realistic damage system with complex physical calculations.

– AI tank units fight with precise movements and sophisticated tactics.
– It is also possible to modify the combat situation by calling for air attacks and fire support.
– A powerful air battle of the famous alternative fighter is recreated.
– It is possible to lay anti-tank mines and destroy the track of the enemy tank.
– A coaxial machine gun can be used as a sighting device.
– The realistic behavior of the tank is achieved by a simple touch operation.
– You can switch from first person point of view (FPS) to third person point of view (TPS).
– We recommend this game to those who like classic tank games because it faithfully reproduces tank battles.
– Famous tanks from large countries appear one after another (e.g. Soviet Union, Germany, United States of America, Empire of Japan, British Empire)


How to play :

– Click the Help button on the start screen to check the basic operation.
– The number of tanks that can be played increases as you progress through the missions.
– During the mission, instructions will appear in the message box at the top of the screen.
– Tanks playable in online mode will be unlocked as the campaign mode progresses.



Q. How do I get coins in the game?
A. Gold coins can be obtained through in-app purchases. Silver coins can be obtained by viewing the award announcements.
Q. How do I unlock the tanks?
A. Free tanks can be unlocked by advancing missions. Other tanks can be purchased using gold coins.
Q. Can I control a fighter or a warship by myself?
A. Currently, all units other than tanks are only operated by AI.
Q. Where is the Panther tank?


Warning :

– This app requires internet connection.
– Purchased parts and items can be restored from a backup saved in “Google Drive”. Data recovery is done at your own risk.
– Depending on the performance of the device, it may take a little time to charge on the first start.
– If another app notification occurs, the game audio may be paused. In this case, please restart the application.


Unlimited money
Unlimited gold

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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