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Airline Commander v1.5.0 (MOD) APK

Create the best airline in the world and manage dozens of planes.
Open thousands of air routes and land at the world’s biggest airports.
Earn money by completing contracts, takeoffs, landings, taxiings and other challenges in hundreds of realistic airports and regions in high definition.
Increase your automatic income by opening new air routes and dominate the skies!

Hundreds of licenses are available for you to improve. Learn how to use the controls of different planes, deal with problems, emergencies and inclement weather conditions. The more you improve, the more money you will earn for your line. Manage your fleet in the middle of air traffic in real time!

Features :

– Dozens of planes to train your fleet: turbine, reaction, single or double deck
– Dozens of major airports to open thousands of routes around the world
– Hundreds of realistic airports and runways. Regions and airports are made using satellite images and high definition maps
– Thousands of situations to manage during take-off, landing, taxiing and flight
– Real-time air traffic with real planes, on the ground and in the air
– A simplified flight system with navigation aid or a real flight simulation for experienced users
– Realistic SID / STAR take-offs and landing procedures with towing system, taxiing and the possibility of mooring to the pier with individual display
– Face off against rival lines and pilots around the world to show you’re the best
– Realistic time management with sun, moon, stars and weather conditions in real time
– Customizable livery

Technical characteristics of the flight simulatorâž– Communication with the control tower to manage air traffic and get help

– Simplified or advanced take-offs and landings and use of the Instrument Landing System (ILS)
– Main Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND)
– Advanced engine system with ignition, problems and lights out
– Fuel management with weight, release, realistic consumption, timing, auxiliary power unit and engine pressure
– Autopilot with control over all flight parameters: altitude, speed, direction and vertical speed
– Problems with sensors, flight instruments, ASMs, tanks, landing gear and engines
– Problems with the flaps, rudder, speedbrakes and radar
– Hydraulic problems, tires and fires on board
– Wind, turbulence and fog more or less marked
– Ice and gel as well as antifreeze system
– Weather radar to manage micro-bursts and problems caused by lightning


For any problem with the game or suggestion, please write to us at: [email protected]


Missions will always complete successfully with the best possible performance (regardless of what you do during the flight – even crash the plane, or leave the mission / exam).
For the mod to work correctly, first install the original and go through the tutorial in it, then, without deleting anything, install the mod.

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