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Wondery – Premium Podcast App v1.10.0 (Premium) APK

The Wondery app is the best place to quickly find and listen to Wondery’s immersive podcasts.

Enjoy our new content – Dr. Death Season 3: Miracle Man, Killer Psyche, The Vaping Fix, The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra and In God We Lust!

For True Crime fans, we have classics like The Apology Line and Death of a Starlet with new True Crime shows coming regularly.

We have each season of our award-winning business and history shows, such as American Scandal, Business Wars, and more.

And we’ve got some unique stories to keep you engaged, like inspiring interviews with Life is Short with Just Long, friendship and fun on Even the Rich, and more!

This is also where you can find our Premium subscription service, Wondery +. Get early access to a selection of podcasts, exclusives, and ad-free listening to every episode. Enjoy the latest Wondery + exclusives, including:

* The exclusive first season of American Scandal: The Osage Murders, where host Lindsay Graham covers a shocking series of murders, linked to a conspiracy of money, power and politics.
*Lindsay Graham, also hosts the exclusive first season of American History Tellers: The Walker Affair, about 19th century mercenary William Walker, and the American who succeeded in becoming President of Nicaragua, only to see his potential empire crumble around him.
* Imaginary sleep, with episodic, immersive journeys through soundscapes that will lead you to restful sleep.

The Wondery app is the best place to find and listen to Wondery shows:

* A home screen personalized to your preferences, including “Continue Listening” which displays current shows / episodes and “New episodes of my shows” which highlights the last episode of shows you have you subscribed to
* Binge away with binge-mode! Episodes of the same series play in chronological order
*Browse shows with multiple seasons (there are over 50 Business Wars seasons!) By tapping the season title on the show page
* Curated collections of recommended shows, seasons / episodes from our entire catalog including True Crime series, story highlights and much more

* Adjust playback speed, share episodes, and set a sleep timer directly from the audio player
*Download episodes for offline listening. Add a series to “My shows” to automatically download new episodes to your device (activate / deactivate this option in the settings)
* Upgrade to Wondery + directly from the app by tapping any early access or exclusive episodes. Wondery + episodes have a “W +” next to them
* Do you prefer to listen on a computer? Log into your Wondery + account at wonderyplus.com/login to record your web and mobile listening history

The Wondery app and the majority of the shows it contains are free and ad-supported. To listen without ads, get exclusives, early access and binge eating, join Wondery + right in the app.

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