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WhatsApp Gold WA2_Abo3rab v9.10 latest version Apk


The WhatsApp Gold program has been developed version 9.00 whatsapp gold, which is an upgraded version of the original WhatsApp on the Google Play Store

The WhatsApp Gold application contains all the original WhatsApp features, in addition to a lot of added features from the developer Abu Arab, and among these features is the feature to hide the appearance, the possibility of not displaying pictures and videos from the studio, you can also see all deleted messages at any time, the feature to hide two newspapers The blue color that appears when reading messages, not showing the writing process, and a lot of features that we will discover with WhatsApp Gold

Features of WhatsApp Gold

: group call
Gold WhatsApp users can make a conference call by making a call between you and your friend, and then you press the icon as shown in the picture below

: Show deleted messages

Now you can know the messages that were sent to you and then your friend deleted them, you can now show all the messages that were deleted using WhatsApp Gold

Privacy of photos and videos

Now with the WhatsApp Gold version of Abu Arab, you can prevent the video and pictures from appearing in the studio by entering the conversation, then clicking on the person’s picture and then choosing Media View, and you can also do this directly from the settings

WhatsApp stickers support

The stickers feature has been added within WhatsApp Gold, you can send and receive WhatsApp stickers without any problems with the addition of the presence of many ready-made stickers within the application

Privacy in WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab

– Hide writing in progress.
– Hide the appearance of “online now” feature.
– Do not show two checks in blue color when reading the message.
– Hide the two receiving documents.
– Run two WhatsApp numbers and more.
– Lock conversations with a password.

The most important updates in the golden WhatsApp:

Download WhatsApp status.

– See the messages that have been deleted from the conversation.
– New themes have been added to WhatsApp Gold.
– Adding new Arabic stickers.
– Upload a long WhatsApp status of more than 30 seconds easily.
– Fix problems installing WhatsApp Gold.

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