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Weight Checker PRO v0.5 (Paid) Apk

Weight Checker PRO v0.5 (Paid) Apk






Weight loss Rate Checker – Calculating your weight loss rate – Diet Plan Efficiency – Weight loss Plan efficiency

If you are following the right weight loss plan or diet, it will cause you to lose weight at the ideal rate. This app will help you to find out if your plan is working efficiently and give you the opportunity to reformulate your plan or change it to a more efficient one.

Based on your past and current weight, and the date you started your weight loss plan (or diet):
1) Memorize input values.
2) Weight parameter allows decimals values(2 digits)).
3) Calculates your Ideal and Real Weight loss rate.
4) Allows selection of recommended values (default) or your own rate choice.
5) Advice you about your plan efficiency.
6) It provides tips for further actions.
7) Standalone app. Information is stored in the device (no data sharing or leaks, no privacy concerns).

Supported weight units: kg, lbs
Languages: English and Spanish(new feature)

This is a free version (with ads). For ads-free version and PRO features please download “Weight Checker PRO” at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weightcheckerpro

Additional PRO features:
1) Plan selection for Weight loss, Gain and Maintenance. Allows you to select whats plan suits you better.
2) If you have tried different plans, you visually decide which one works better, and follow the one giving you better results.
3) Weight monitoring and plan efficiency.
4) Calculate the average rate over time, important for long-term efficiency and success.
5) Backup results.
6) It provides useful info for further actions.
7) Motivational pop us.
8) It can also be used for weight maintenance purposes by selecting low min and max weight loss rate values.

This app is complementary to scientifically proven “One Click to Health” FREE and PRO apps available at Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Virtual+Creations%28VirtualPersonalTrainer+partner%29



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