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Web Video Cast | Browser to TV v5.1.5 build 3176 (Premium) APK

Web Video Cast Browser to TV (Premium) APK Web Video Caster allows you to stream videos you find on the web to any Chromecast device. The app does all the dirty work of finding the embedded videos inside web pages, making it super simple for you to just hit play and enjoy! f you have any questions or need any help please contact us http://www.instantbits.com/contactus.jsp IF THE CHROMECAST ICON IS MISSING PLEASE RESTART YOUR CHROMECAST, PHONE AND HOME WIFI. IF NOT FIXED YOU MIGHT BE AFFECTED BY A BUG WITH GOOGLE’S SDK, TRY OTHER THIRD PARTY APPS TO VERIFY, NOT YOUTUBE OR NETFLIX AS THEY DON’T USE THE OFFICIAL SDK.

This app is not a mirroring app, you have to find a video you want to play and it will send that video to the Chromecast. It does not do tab casting.

Live streams are supported, as well as other videos which used the same file format. The live stream (HLS) support is beta and it might have issues. If you would like to try the latest fixes to issues please signup for our beta community

Aside from the ability to play videos on a Chromecast device this app also allows you to download said videos, you should of course make sure you have permission from the copyright holder before downloading any videos. PERMISSIONS: Wi-Fi connection information – Required for the Chromecast and for the browser itself. Photos/Media/Files (storage in general) – Required for the download functionality. In-app purchases – For premium version. First find a video you want to watch. You can do this in Chrome and use the share option and select “Web Video Caster” or you can use this app to find it as well by entering any website address. Second connect to a Chromcast device. Third play the video as you normally would or click the play button on the app menu. Then all you have to do is relax and enjoy the video. If you are on a different web browser when you encounter a video you would like to cast, all you have to do is share the web page with Web Video Caster. Some web sites are a bit stubborn and do things in odd ways so if you are having trouble playing videos checkout our guide on the multiple ways to get it to work at http://www.instantbits.com/apps/webvideo/index.jsp This application has been tested with multiple websites. Not all videos work on every site, sometimes you have to try multiple things to get the video to play. If the video does not play on Chrome on your mobile device (because it is not HTML5), then it will not work with the Chromecast device, also not every video which works in mobile Chrome will work in the Chromecast as it has a more limited number of supported formats. When given the option to choose between multiple files you should always prefer .webm and .mp4 files over others. The best option to get a video to play is to tap the play button on the application menu. If that button is missing try the search for videos button. If that does not work try the play button in the video you would like to play, and finally on Android versions 4.3 and below, you can click the full screen button inside the video. Premium version has the following features (if you don’t see the features after buying, please restart your phone): No ads. Bookmarks. Ability to set home page. Play history and queue plus ability to resume. Create homescreen shortcut. MOD Premium PREMIUM features Unlocked; All ads and services calls from Activity removed; Removed Recommended and Other Apps from menu; Anonymous data and Crash reports disabled; AOSP compatible; Analytics disabled.

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