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VPN Tether (share VPN connections) v20200326 (Pro) Apk


VPN Tether (share VPN connections) v20200326 (Pro) Apk






Use iptables or http proxy to share VPN connections through hotspot.

Default is use iptablesset up iptables require root.

User guide:

As of Android 9 (LineageOS 16) the IP address of the wifi hotspot is no longer fixed at; a new (apparently) random one is used each time the hotspot is turned on. Effectively this means the procedure no longer works. To make it work on Android 9 you would need to find the IP address of the hotspot and change the default gateway to that IP address for all devices connecting to your hotspot.

No internet connection?
The core of the problem is that the VPN tethering device doesn’t give out proper IP information to the client devices when they connect. But you can manually configure those client devices to have static IP addresses gateway and if needed DNS.


The root mode is completely free. No root mode requires payment your payment will be appreciated and will ensure the future development of VPN Tether.

Privacy Policy:

Sometimes order processing is delayed.Please try it later or reinstall itor you can send me the order id for refund.

If you have any questionsplease contact me! The email will be responded within 72 hours.

Thanks for your support!



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