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Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony v6.4.0 (Unlocked) Apk

Voloco is a real-time voice processing app that combines automatic tuning, harmony and vocoding. Choose a track from your music collection or Voloco’s free beat library to sing or rap, and Voloco will guess the key of the track and tune your voice to that key.

Voloco allows you to record your performances in audio or video for easy sharing. Create your own music video selfie! Post it on Instagram and tag us. Please, we’ll share it on our social media accounts.

If you want to finish your mix with another app, it’s easy. You can rap or sing along to a track, record yourself, and export just your vocals for final mixing elsewhere.

Check out some of the pro-grade tracks that users have created with Voloco in the Top Tracks section of the app.

Select a rhythm from the rhythm library to rap or sing along.

Voloco offers eight packs of vocal effects presets:

Starter: Two types of automatic voice tuning, rich harmony preset, giant vocoder and noise reduction.
Modern Rap I: Add stereo width, thickness and weight to your vocals.
Modern Rap II: Extended harmonies and great effects for variations.
P-Tain: Extreme pitch correction plus seventh chords. Perfect for RnB and rap.
Bon Winter: Lush harmonies and vocal melodies in the style of the song “Woods” by Bon Iver.
8 Bit Chip: Beeps and boops like your favorite games from the 80s
Duft Pank: The Funky vocoder looks like a certain French electronic duo.
Sitar Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

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