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VIP Notes – keeper for passwords, documents, files v9.9.59 (Paid) Apk


* AES-256 encryption
* attachments (will be encrypted if encryption is enabled for the note)
*view and edit attachments within the application (text and html, photo)
* folders: unlimited nesting (only in the full version)
* text format
*password input methods (digital / full / 3×3 pattern / 4×4 pattern)
* quick login (short password / fingerprint scanner / biometric)
* delete data after many incorrect password attempts
*separate password for imperceptible data erasure
* automatic time lock

* widgets and shortcuts for notes or attachments
*icon library (custom icons)
* color themes
* database backup / restore
* labels
* “Samsung DEX” support
*does not contain advertising
* does not require internet access

Limitations of the free version:

– you can create only 3 folders
– only one attachment per row
– custom icons cannot be loaded
– attach file: allowed only from camera and gallery
– automation disabled (automatic backup and reminders without links to notes)
– undo / redo functions disabled
– backup / restore disabled directly through another application (like clouds)

Some explanation:

– encryption is disabled by default!
– the data will be encrypted with your password
– Note encryption is enabled in the note editing window.
– Note body and attachments will be encrypted, note name is not encrypted
– attachments are encrypted if encryption is enabled for the note they are attached to

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