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unitMeasure: Offline Material Unit Converter v2020.03.22 (Paid) Apk

unitMeasure: Offline Material Unit Converter v2020.03.22 (Paid) Apk



★ unitMeasure is an intuitive and powerful unit converter app for Android. ★

With over a hundred measurements and fifteen categories you won’t need to search the internet or fiddle around looking for answers anymore.

• This is a completely offline solution with no permissions whatsoever.
• That means no tracking advertisements or any funny business.
• The app also comes in at just over1 MB in size which means that you won’t have to worry about deleting other apps or freeing up storage.
• Lastly the app is customizable: You can Change Themes Enable Borders Sort Units Choose Decimal Points Hide Animations & more.

►16 different sections and over a hundred unit measurements are available at your fingertips…
• Length: Inches Centimeters Feet Yards Meters Miles Kilometers Picometers Millimeters Light-years
• Volume: Teaspoons Tablespoons Cups Fluid Ounces Pints Quarts Gallons Cubic Feet Cubic Centimeters Milliliters Liters (US & UK Values Included)
• Energy: Joules Kilojoules Calories Kilocalories Inch-Pounds Foot-Pounds Megawatt-Hours Kilowatt-Hours Electron Volts BTUs Barrels of Oil Horsepower US & Metric
• Time: Milliseconds Seconds Minutes Hours Days Weeks Fortnights Months Years Decades Centuries
• Digital Storage: Storage: bits Bytes KB MB GB TB PB Kilobits Megabits Gigabits
• Mass/Weight: Ounces Grams Kilograms Pounds Stones Metric Tons Tons US Slugs
• Temperature: Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Rankine Réaumur
• Area: Square Kilometers Square Meters Square Miles Square Yards Square Feet Square Inches Hectares Acres
• Pressure: Pascals Megapascals Kilopascals PSI PSF Atmospheres Bars mmHg inHg
• Programmer: Binary Decimal Octal Hexadecimal
• Angle: Circles Degrees Gradians Minutes Mils Quadrants Radians Revolutions Seconds
• Torque: Pound-Feet Pound-Inches Newton-Meters Kilogram-Meters Dyne-Centimeters
• Speed: Kilometers per Hour Miles per Hour Meters per Second Feet per Second Knots Mach
• Fuel Efficiency/Gas Mileage: Miles Per Gallon US Miles per Gallon UK Kilometers per Liter Liters per 100 Kilometers Gallons per 100 Miles US Miles per Liter UK
• Date Calculations: Calculations: Date Difference Date Duration Time Difference Time Duration
• Tip: Calculate Tips Split the Bill Between Friends.

►Why Download?
• Has all the Popular Metric Imperial and UK Unit Conversions
• No Ads No Tracking No Permissions
• Computations are done completely offline!
• It features an intuitive material design that is also functional.
• 3 Different Themes (Light Dark and AMOLED Night Mode)
• Precision Control (You choose how many decimal places to show)
•. Save Results to Clipboard (By tapping)
•. Swap Units (By Long-Tapping)
• On-the-Fly Conversions (Results are updated as you type in real-time)
• Results View (See all your conversions in one shot without having to switch each time)
• Under 1 MB in storage size thanks to Android App Bundles
•. Tested on & Optimized for both Phones and Tablets
•. The conversions happen in real-time as you type.

For more information and policies about the app you can have a look here: https://www.aviparshan.com/unitmeasure

I developed unitMeasure because I couldn’t find an app that had an intuitive design ability to view all the results in one take work offline and be lightweight. This app matches everything that I have ever needed within a unit converter and will fit your needs as well.

• Measurements are converted using UnitOf (c) 2018 DIGIDEMIC LLC under the Apache License 2.0. https://github.com/Digidemic/UnitOf
• unitMeasure shall have no liability for the accuracy of information provided and cannot be held liable for any claims or losses of any damages.
• The app is currently only available in English.


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