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TikTok v21.5.2 (Mod) (Ad-Free) APK

TikTok is still one of the most popular applications.

It was the prelude to the self-made music video era. Currently, one can see videos made with TikTok widely circulated on all existing media. It is posted on Facebook, Instagram, and even on YouTube. Moreover, TikTok himself has a social network of their own so that users can post their videos on their accounts and share with all people with similar interests.

Real People. Real Videos

Like other products, TikTok uses an extremely user-friendly interface. It is like an optimized application for all users who can quickly accomplish what they want immediately. Often people use this application to record videos inspired by music, so when you turn on, the app will instantly access the camera screen. Featured on the screen will be added and edited much handier music features. All unnecessary advanced features are hidden in very scientific tabs. If you haven’t used them yet, or when you want to learn, it will quickly understand the overall usage. In general, this is a very successful product design.


As stated, TikTok is used to record videos in a handy and straightforward way with the help of music. Users may feel that filming short videos with regular cameras and editing behind the scenes is tricky. It requires users to align a lot of things to create a video of images and sounds that coincide with each other. Moreover, the effects on the screen will require users to try and edit one more time. With TikTok, users will be allowed to put all the elements together at the same time. Thanks to that, it is loved by many people. Another reason why it is still preferred by many users while many other tools can do the same thing. The application gives players powerful features, funny images, music updates consistently and quickly, … These advances always lead the trend.

Special effects

The effects that this application has is one of the most appreciated by users. Thanks to these effects, the video has become unique, and this is also something to create new trends. This application offers users a lot of different effects for users to choose, such as Fast Forward, Slow Motion, Boomerang. With what the app has, users can use them to create the best videos.

Hundreds of millions of quality copyrighted music

The most powerful technology developed by TikTok is that it recognizes the user’s face accurately and quickly. When users turn on their selfie camera, the faces of all subjects are recorded. First, when you use the application alone, it will support features that make you brilliant and exceptionally beautiful. You can then lip-sync to favourite songs, or cover songs, and also dance and do whatever you like. You will become a perfect version of yourself through your smartphone camera. Or when you shoot videos with your friends, the guild will be identified, and no one will be left behind. TikTok also offers tools to diversify the group’s experience interestingly. All the expressions, memorable moments are recorded on your smartphone in detail. Moreover, when users want to download the videos that they have filmed, they are supported as well. It is always a useful tool.

What’s New?

– Find out why everyone is talking about TikTok. The latest version includes new security settings for your account and
performance improvements to make your viewing experience even better!


SUPPORTS ANDROID (1-11)-(arm-v64a only).

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