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Taskito – To-do list & tasks in a timeline v0.8.3 (Premium) Apk

Taskito is a timeline based task management app.This app emphasizes that your daily tasks should be minimized and achievable.

💯 Keep daily goals small, life goals bigger ◾ ◾

Creating separate lists or projects to manage daily goals is inefficient. A calendar or schedule-based to-do list app helps increase productivity. Download now and watch your productivity increase.

⛔ Taskito is an ad-free task app ◾ ◾

This app showcases all of your day-to-day elements, which helps you set realistic goals. A powerful to-do calendar where you can schedule the day at T.

Taskito has a very simple and straightforward design. This simple to-do list app comes with a lot of features and customizations.

📜 Chronology ◾ ◾

The timeline includes a calendar of tasks, reminders, notes, plans, and calendar events. Customize the appearance to make it a Bullet Journal (BuJo), Logbook, Eisenhower Matrix, 1-3-5 Template – whatever you want.

🎯 Planning board ◾ ◾

While it is important to focus on the daily checklist, we need to plan for the future. Let’s be ambitious!

Create projects, add plans and bring your ideas to life. Once the plans are added in the productivity planner, take a few to refine them, add checklists.

✅ Tasks and notes ◾ ◾

Any simple to-do list app has the basic functionality. Create a task reminder with alarm, color coded labels, priority, task checklist and details. It will automatically be added to your task calendar.

📅 Calendar of events 🆕 ◾ ◾

Import your calendar events into the timeline. It will help you plan your day much more efficiently.

✔️ Checklist ◾ ◾

Break your daily planner down into bite-size pieces by creating a checklist. A checklist is easily configurable – drag and drop to rearrange it. Add checklists to plans, notes and models.

A checklist is useful for making grocery or shopping lists, morning routines or gymnastics.

⏰ Repeat reminders ◾ ◾

No overdue or pending tasks – Simple reminders! Create recurring daily, weekly and monthly reminders to help you remember important events. Similar to a task reminder, a reminder notification alarm will be sent.

🏷️ Labels ◾ ◾

Unlimited number of color coded labels for your diary. Attach tags to everything for better categorization.

🔖 Models ◾ ◾

No productivity planner is complete without templates. Create a checklist template for grocery lists or routines. Import the template and your task calendar will be scheduled.

📱 Widget ◾ ◾

Highly customizable to-do calendar widget. Choose from over 15 themes and adjust the transparency to match the wallpaper. This to-do list widget can be customized to display the items you want.

🎨 Themes ◾ ◾

Over 15 themes including dark, light and some bright colors. A to-do app can be good to watch!

We are working to make Taskito the best task management app. Recurring tasks will be available soon!

Taskito was previously called Werklog.

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What’s New?

Taskito’s new update will help you organize your board & projects.

+ Project: Assign colors to each project – Color coded projects
+ Board: Manually arrange projects by simple drag/drop action
+ Tasks will have icons for repeat and reminder.

Update the app and organize your daily to-do list.


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