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Surveillance & Monitoring – (TrackView) v3.7.01 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

TrackView turns your smartphones, tablets and PCs into a connected mobile video surveillance and surveillance system with location tracking, event detection, alerting, and road and cloud recording functions. Windows and Mac versions are available for free download at: www.trackview.net.

TrackView offers an in-app purchase. Try the free features first before purchasing. We do not process the refund. Thank you.

TrackView is the ONLY app that can simultaneously perform event detection, GPS location tracking, video surveillance, remote video recording, and more!

No equipment to buy, no messy wires, you can install TrackView on your device in under a minute!

Main Features:

1. Real-time GPS location tracking
2.IPcam for video and audio surveillance
3. Event detection and instant alert on your mobile devices
4. Remote audio and video recording
5. Route recording showing you historical locations
6. Two-way audio
7. Remote buzz that rings on a missing device, even if it is in silent mode
8. Night vision mode that helps you see in the dark
9. Motion and sound detection
10. Cloud storage to save your recordings
11. The app works in the background and in standby mode which conserves your battery
12. High reliability and excellent low bandwidth video quality which saves your data usage
13. Super easy to install and one click connection from anywhere in the world
14. Front and rear camera switch remote control
15. Integration with Gmail account
16. Secure access: you are the only one who can access your connected devices.
17. Multi-network support: TrackView supports all types of networks: Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.
18. Auto Network Switch: When the network is switched, TrackView will automatically switch to the network.
19. Real time and low lifespan: to ensure you get event updates immediately and watch the video in real time.
20. Universal accessibility: Access any of your devices from anywhere in the world.

and much more!

Three simple steps to get started in less than a minute:


1. Installation

TrackView is easy to install. Just a few clicks, and you are there.

2. Login

You can use your existing Gmail account username and password to log into TrackView. Use the SAME account to log in to all devices. Before connecting, also give your device a unique device name so that you can tell them apart.

3. Enjoy your protection

Once you have multiple devices connected, you can monitor, track or animate a remote device with one click. You can also check alert messages, record and play your clips.


E-mail: [email protected] If you have any problems or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

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