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Spotify – Music and Podcasts v8.6.0.830 (Mod) Apk


New music, podcasts, playlists and personalized recommendations: Spotify has it all, streamed and in one place. Discover music before everyone else, musical or informative podcasts, create a playlist for all the moments of your life … everything is at your fingertips .. And even ad-free, if you choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium! Listen to the music you need in all circumstances: to sleep, run, concentrate or have a zen evening. Discover the latest rap, indie rock or new French scene releases, and stream your podcasts wherever you are. Take a look at our personalized recommendations, hit play… and let the music transport you.

Free streaming is a vast universe of songs and podcasts – here’s what’s open to you. Free music, discover your new favorite song or create a playlist from your favorite tracks? Everything is possible with our app, whether you are a rap aficionado, podcast aficionado or just looking for a playlist to sleep on. Want to discover free music, share a playlist? With free streaming, follow all your desires. Choose a ready-made playlist or opt for our personalized recommendations, for running, sleeping or enjoying a Zen moment. And to enjoy an interrupted stream, upgrade to Spotify Premium: a world without ads, without interruptions, where the music never stops. Unparalleled sound quality even in stream, where you will rediscover your favorite song. And most importantly, the ability to download all the songs and podcasts you want.

Spotify offers free, personalized music as well as thousands of free streaming musical and informative podcasts, including original and unreleased episodes. Don’t hesitate any longer, discover all the following features …

Free version

– Listen to podcasts and free music
– Shuffle the song, music album or playlist of your choice
– Discover songs with Spotify playlists or personalized recommendations, to suit every moment.
– Create and share a playlist, to collect all your songs of the moment
– Rap, indie rock, new French scene … All musical styles are there, to create the atmosphere (free!) Of your choice. To sleep, run or be zen.

Features of Spotify Premium

– Listen to the songs you want, anytime: you can download songs or podcasts to listen to them offline (and without ads!)
– Enjoy incredible audio quality. Both rap and rock are resumed with a good bass: rediscover your favorite song!
– Ad-free. Listen to music without interruption for the ultimate, zen music experience
– Possibility to cancel the subscription at any time: the offer is non-binding

Do you love Spotify? Want to take advantage of a premium subscription and download all the music you want? So don’t hesitate any longer: just download the app and discover new musical horizons.

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Mod Info:

Amoled Dark Theme
– Next track unlocked
– Previous track unlocked
– Unlocked Searching FWD / BWD
– Unlocked / able to select any song and album
-And Unlocked Repeat once / all
– Random Unlocked
– Very loud audio unlocked (visual, WIP)
– Force Shuffle disabled
– Spotify Connect Unlocked (Bypass Premium)
– On-demand sharing unlocked
– Canvas sharing unlocked
– Voice function unlocked
– Volume control unlocked
– Animated heart unlocked
– Letter exchange unlocked (works only in supported countries)
– Unlocked frames
– Sing-Along Unlocked (only works in supported countries)
– User Playlist Annotation Unlocked (New Feature)
– Tracking feed unlocked
– Editorial mode unlocked
– Unlocked full screen stories
– Facebook login unlocked
– Audio ads disabled
– Video ads disabled
– Visual ads disabled
– Third-party ads disabled

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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