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Spell & Pronounce words right – Spell Checker App v1.4 (Pro) Apk

Spell & Pronounce words right – Spell Checker App v1.4 (Pro) Apk



Spell and Pronounce

Spell and pronounce is a unique and peculiar mobile phone application which helps to spell and pronounce words accurately with an easy method. This application spell and pronounce will help those users who face difficulties while remembering spellings and do not know how to pronounce a correct word.

The basic concept of this application spells and pronounces is to convert voice to text which in response will show before you the right spellings.

Most of time in our daily life when we are in haste we do not want to write a single word. For this situation you need not to worry. You just click the button pronounce a word and you will get your word with spellings in this application spell and pronounce.
On the other hand sometimes you do not want to spell a word. Don’t be panic in such circumstances. You write your word in this application spell and pronounce. You will hear the pronunciation of that word.

In spell and pronounce application we have not confined to single language’s spells and pronunciation of words or sentences rather we have included main languages like English German French and Chinese. Hence you can say that this application can be viable practical and can be helpful worldwide.


➢ In this spectacular mobile phone application one of the main features is to check your spellings. You go into the spell option and click the mic button and speak your sentence or word. The application will show the accurate spell of your desired word or sentence. If you want to share it with your friends there is no need to go to the other icon you copy it and share with your beloved once. Delete option is available on the same leaf if you want to avail it.

➢ The other main feature of spell and pronounce is the pronunciation of the words or sentences. Go to the label pronounce and write your required word or sentence. Click on the speaker. It will pronounce what you will write on the page. You need not to go to the other leaf Copy paste delete share and mic option has been developed on the same page.

➢ One of the wonderful features of spell and pronounce is that the app will even correct your wrong pronunciation.

➢ One more beautiful feature is that if you want spellings in slow motion it will spell alphabets one by one.

➢ Spell and pronounce is a user friendly app and quick to response. No delay in giving response.

Download this beautiful application and share with your friends too. We need your feedback to improve our work. Thanks.


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