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Sound Profile (+ volume scheduler) v7.46 (Pro) Apk

Have different sound profiles or volume profiles. Edit or add new ones.

Android ties your notification and ringtone volume together. Now you can emulate the share. You can create “Calls only” style profiles to avoid being disturbed by unnecessary messages.

🌹 Profiles can be activated with a time limit so that you will never forget your phone in “silent mode” or “meeting mode” again. For example, activate “meeting mode” for only 30 minutes.

🐱‍🏍 Scheduler or automatic scheduler to automatically change profiles at given times (eg activate night at 22:00, normal at 08:00, etc.). Have different predefined weeks.

🎂 Block list function: select the callers who will be allowed in the silent profiles. Never wake up in the middle of the night to an unwanted call, but always be ready for your kids, wife or husband.

🎉 Tasks and events:

-Activate the “Automobile” profile when “my car” Bluetooth is connected

-Activate the “Home” profile when “my personal WIFI” is detected

-And Activate the Wifi when you get closer to your neighborhood

-Activate the Job profile when you get closer to your job

🙌 Automatic numbering:

– Activate your voicemail in one profile and deactivate it in another.

-Activate call forwarding

👌 Automation applications:

Let other automation applications (like Tasker, AutomateIt, Macrodroid …) activate the profiles created in SoundProfile.

🐱‍👓 Android Calendar:

Activate the profiles or change the calendar of the week according to events or reminders in your Android calendar.

This text was translated by: Martin Lavoie

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