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SmartTube Next v13.81 (Color) (No ADS) (Android TV) APK

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Description of the application

SmartTube Dark APK Next is an unofficial YouTube client for Android TV.

Current release features:

– Browse News, Games, Music

– Browse Subscriptions, History, Playlists – Play videos

– Like, Dislike or Subscribe for video – Search for videos

– View subscribed channel content

– Change various settings for the video player

– Animated previews for videos

– Android TV channels and search support.

Browse Fragment
The browse fragment is what is used to display the browseable categories and options card. The Icon Header Item Presenter is used to setup and display the categories in the headers dock and Card Presenter is used to display the Video cards.
Playback Activity
The Playback Activity is used to play the video from categories. Which used the PlaybackFragment to display the playback controls over the top of the PlaybackActivity.
Search Fragment
The Search Fragment allows users to search for video by either tags or usernames.
Header Grid Fragment
The Header Grid Fragment is used to show a grid of videos from either a Subscriptions or History.
Custom Components
Many of the screens used some of these custom components created especially for the needs of this app:
Text Badge Image Card View
Badge Card View
This view extends the ImageCardView class so that we add custom functionality.

The functionality of this view is display a video preview of the video card that is currently in focus. It’s made up of the following components:
Text Badge Image View – This is a custom VideoView that automatically loops a video without sound.

These are the main functions it offers:

• Replaced icons for the original
• Replaced ATV banner in dark and light backgrounds
•Title changed on YouTube
• The color of the menu icon changes depending on the theme
• Minor changes to player icons
•SmartTube Next Beta image and donation are not touched
• There is no advertising and there has never been
• Signature (armanich)
•Placed next to the original
• This mod should work on the Chinese MI TV, with error # 1000
• Also, when installing this mod, it rolls over the stable one or vice versa, since the signatures are the same!

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