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Smart VPN Pro – Unlimited VPN and Proxy v1.0 (Paid) APK

Smart VPN Pro – Unlimited VPN and Proxy were designed, designed and developed by Smartcode Technology. This app allows you to enjoy 100% unlimited free VPN service. We have put a lot of effort to provide you rich experience, safe and with vpn browser.

– Easy to use, one click to connect a VPN proxy server.
– No voltage trial period or payment. Unlimited bandwidth.
– Protect your privacy, protect your data from third party tracking.
– Enjoy private browsing
– Access to geographically blocked websites. It can also unblock videos not available at home, college or in the country.
– Endless list of countries to connect to the whole world!
– No registration is required. Connection at your fingertips.
– No speed limit.
– No bandwidth limitation.
-And No root access required.
– Encrypts your internet traffic
– Maximum server speed and reliability
– Using the most secure Panda VPN
– The most stable – Have a lot of free cloud proxy servers
to provide the best VPN service.

* Protect your privacy, protect yourself from third party tracking
* Unblock geographically restricted websites
*No registration required, no adjustment required
* No speed limit, no bandwidth limit
* One click to connect a VPN
*No root access required
* Encrypts your internet traffic
* Top server speed and reliability
*Use of most Smart VPN solutions

We encourage you to use this app to use the free turbo VPN for Android. Feedback is highly recommended.

We have built a global VPN network including America, Europe and Asia, and we are expanding to more countries soon. Most of the servers are free to use. You can click on the indicator and change servers at any time.

Why choose Smart VPN?

✓Large number of servers, high speed bandwidth
✓ Choose which apps use a VPN (Android 5.0+ required)
✓ Works with Wi-Fi, LTE / 4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers
✓Strict no-logging policy
✓ Smart choose server
✓ Well-designed user interface, some AD
✓No use and time limit
✓ No registration or configuration required
✓ No additional authorization required

Download Smart VPN, the world’s fastest secure virtual private network, and enjoy!

If the Smart VPN connection fails, don’t worry, you can follow these steps to fix it:

1) Click on the flag icon
2) Click the Refresh button to check the servers.
3) Choose the fastest and most stable server to reconnect

Hope your suggestion and your opinion are good to continue and to make it better 🙂

Introduction to VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network over a public network and allows users to send and receive data over shared or public networks as if their computer devices were directly connected to the private network. The applications running on the VPN can therefore benefit from the functionality, security and management of the private network.

Individual Internet users can secure their transactions with a VPN, bypass geo-restrictions and censorship, or connect to proxy servers to protect their personal identity and location. However, some websites block access to known VPN technology in order to prevent circumvention of their geo-restrictions.

VPNs can’t make online connections completely anonymous, but they can generally increase privacy and security. To prevent the disclosure of confidential information, VPNs typically only allow remote access authenticated using tunneling protocols and encryption techniques.

Mobile virtual private networks are used in settings where a VPN endpoint is not attached to a single IP address, but roams across multiple networks, such as cellular carrier data networks or between multiple points Wi-Fi access. Mobile VPNs have been widely used in public safety, as they allow law enforcement officers to access critical applications, such as computer-aided dispatch and criminal databases, when they move between different subnets of a mobile network.

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