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Sky Light Pro v2.2 (Full) (Paid) APK

To help you plan outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, and photography, this app displays the current locations of the sun and moon in the sky. A time slider lets you animate the sun and moon to see where they will be at any time of the day.

The application also allows you to calculate the positions of the sun and the moon and their rising and setting times for any location and for any date, as well as the nautical twilight times and illumination of the moon. If you know the RA and Dec of stars or planets, you can also enter them to find out where they are currently in the sky.

In addition, you can also choose to generate a forecast table of the sun or moonrise / sunset times and illumination for a given date range.

A compass page is also included to help you orient your phone to find the current position of the moon. (The compass page requires your phone to have a magnetic field sensor).

New arrivals

2.2: Updated to target Android SDK 30.
2.0: Fixed issue where app crashes if phone held side ways at start up.
1.9: Bug fixed.
1.8: Draw the small moon image on the main page with the correct moon phase.
1.7: Changed name to “Sky Light Pro”. If no location for main page, default to value last entered on other pages.
1.6: Add date slider to bottom of moon phase page.
1.5: Show moon phase using real moon image. Support fractional UTC offsets.


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