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Secret Safe : Secure Images, Videos & Documents v1.0 (Pro) Apk


Secret Safe : Secure Images, Videos & Documents v1.0 (Pro) Apk


Protect & secure your important photos videos & documents in a Secret Safe that can be locked with pin pattern lock. Incase you loose your phone than you donot have to worry about your photos videos or any document to be seen by others. Other will not be able view them as they will be safely locked in this Secret Safe for images videos & documents.

App Main Features:

– Lock and hide pictures(photos)
– Lock and hide Videos
– Lock and hide Documents.
– Unhide photo its own previous location.
– Unhide videos its own previous location.
– Unhide documents its own previous location.
– Share your private images video &documents.
– Delete permanently private images videos or documents without un-hiding them.
– Open or view hidden videos and images only within the app.
– High security: PIN / Pattern and fingerprint support.

Protect your memories photo videos driver’s license ID cards and credit cards and many more important documents in this Secret Safe Vault.


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