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Radardroid Pro v3.73 (Paid) Apk


Load your Radardroid Pro app with premium Red Light Camera and Speed ​​Camera content from POI Factory for US and Canada. Radardroid has partnered with POI Factory to bring you industry-leading security camera content to use in the Radardroid Pro version!

GPS speed camera warning app for android devices. Radardroid will give visual and audible warning when approaching a fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database. This application will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the increasing number of available features. We do not tolerate speeding tickets and will not be held responsible for those prosecuted for breaking the law.

Full background service. Use your favorite browser or listen to your music on your phone and you will always receive visual and / or audio alerts when approaching any speed camera. Just start the alert service and you are good to go. (Only Radardroid Pro version)

Please see our free Radardroid Lite version to explore our apps.

Autostart and Parking Info powered by mobility and recognition of Anagog activities.

XIAOMI, ZTE and MIUI users:

Before you can use this app, you may need to change some security settings.

 Go to System Settings> All> Applications> Downloaded> Radardroid
Toggle the switch that says “Show pop-ups” (second option).
At the bottom, go to “Manage permissions”.
Activate “I trust this app”.

It may also be necessary to reset app data / settings.

Huawei users:

Open the “phone manager” application, click on settings in the upper right corner. Select “Manage drop zone” and give permission to the application.

If that doesn’t work, try the instructions for XIAOMI / ZTE / MIUI users.

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