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OBWhatsApp Omar v29 Latest Version For Android APK


What is WhatsApp Omar:

WhatsApp Omar Badeeb is the alternative version to any other version, as it is a copy of WhatsApp against urban, which is distinguished from the official WhatsApp with more than 1000 features and the addition of making it the best, brotherly and safest, and it is the only version preferred by millions of users from different regions around the world.


Download WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Omar Badeeb is the only version that has gained wide confidence among the circles of the Arab community, due to the advantages that WhatsApp Omar has. When comparing WhatsApp Omar with the other versions that appeared after WhatsApp Omar, try to compete WhatsApp Omar, you will notice the big difference between the two versions, and it will be your choice of course. It is WhatsApp Omar because it is distinguished by a lot from other programs,

One of the most prominent features that appeared recently, and it is considered one of the most amazing features is the night mode feature, through this feature you will be able to convert WhatsApp Omar to a quiet gray color, which is the best color to use while the light is not present so as not to harm the eye, which you can activate by pressing one button above the screen Main .

Features version 29

– Activate the option to hide messages.
-Add an option to stop automatic media download.
-Add a circle inside the contacts background on the home page to see who is online.
-And Add the option to show the blue check when responding to groups.
-Add advanced search.
– An option has been added to completely remove “Read more …” and display long messages.
– Adding an option to change a notification location from online (Omar Additions> Home Screen).
– Fix the counter issue for unread messages.
– Add an option to enable / disable the new attachments user interface (Omar Additions> Conversation).
– Animation has been added to the new facility.

– Adding the theme activation via the ZIP file
– Adding a new UI to teach the text in the conversation screen (by pressing the three points and then teaching the text)
– 5 input methods have been added.
– 16 bubble patterns have been added.
– 14 tag style has been added.
– The word “New” has been added next to the new entries / plates / bubbles.
– A new system for archiving messages.
– The ability to prevent archived messages from appearing on the main interface even if the person sends you a message.

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