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NP Manager v3.0.15 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

It is basically a simple app for Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, Video and Audio files

It is basically a simple app for Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, Video and Audio files.

Cross-transfer of Dex, Jar and Smali files;
Dex file merge and split;
Apk, dex, jar obfuscation, and string encryption;
APK Signature, Coexistence, Remove Signature Verification, Uninstall Dialog, Remove VPN / Proxy Discovery;
Resolution resource confusion (custom dictionary support);
Merge, encrypt, split and extract PDF files, remove encryption restrictions, and delete pages;
Video transcoding, trimming, extraction of audio / video streams, custom audio / video operations;
GBK <–> UTF-8 folder encoding conversion;
Even the character width file is fixed;

APK Enhancement rule, Dex Edit (batch delete type);
High compatibility string encoder (Apk, dex);
Toolbox (convert common string, such as base64, des, md5, hex, Unicode, blank, etc);
Convert Smali files to Java;

One click to add Xposed detection, one click to add popups and dialogs;
Axml decompilation / recompilation, arsc file width character constants;
One key injection, one key to remove all (toast) popups;
One click, injection string decoding record, Dex file change package name;
Multiple Apk chain coding schemes (chain coding is recommended in flow confusion control);
One click to add blocked screenshots, one click to add Apk crash logging records;
XML Text Code Format;
Dex file view character constants;

Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0-Direct dex jammer with high efficiency, supports four main jamming components, supports multiple dex jammer

Apk function-DEX confusion and confrontation;
Dex Editor Plus (support for Smali search, editing and display of character constants);
Support for syntax highlighting in editing software like Smali, Java, and AXML;

One-click extraction of Dex confusion dictionary, and Dex resource-id encryption;

Improved APK alignment;
Dex batch repair
Premium version removes signature verification;
Encryption protection for assets and precision resources;
Dex file comparison;
Text file comparison;
Ungroup class files and jar packages;
Apk jamming flow control function 5.0 full encryption series high efficiency, method masking, encrypted resource ID, instruction replacement, dex optimization, etc
Dex function attribute display;
Smali Grammar Query;

It is a manager like MT Manager and it supports English language

Internet access is required.

Notice to users

1. This app was originally used by you only and shared by the way, so you don’t have very high expectations. Please go to MT for most daily operations;
2. Running this application on files, in addition to Dex editing, searching and many other operations is very simple and rude, including arsc, res and translation are not the focus of this application, and there is a high possibility that there will be no updates in these aspects at a later time. ;
3. The test machine is an Android emulator, OnePlus 5 and Mi 10 commemorative versions, none of them is rooted;
4. If you feel tripped during use, it might be caused by root access, or the phone might be performing poorly. There is a high possibility that the app itself will not improve this aspect.

What’s New?

Enhance Res anti-aliasing function;
Added Res confusion to support custom arsc name;
Optimized Modex to sign off processing.

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