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Night Light Pro: Blue Light Filter, Night Mode v1.19.4.24 (Paid) Apk

Do you have trouble sleeping after using your cell phone?

Are your eyes tired after using your cell phone?

We have the best solution for your eyes! Say goodbye to eye strain.

This constraint is due to the harmful blue light emitted by the screens. Blue light from your phone screen causes eye strain because the eyes are not very good at blocking blue light. Eye strain damages your eyes and causes pain in the eyeballs. Your eyes are sensitive to the blue light emitted by the screen of the device and get tired after prolonged use of the phone.

This black light from your screens keeps you awake and does not allow you to sleep easily. Exposure to blue light before sleep disrupts your natural circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) and prevents falling asleep. Use Night Light to reduce blue light from your device screen and get better sleep. Reducing blue light is scientifically proven to improve the quality of sleep.

Night light is a blue light filter that blocks the harmful black fire of your device, relieves your eyes from eye strain, and lets you sleep well. No more pain in the eyes!

Do you like to read before you sleep? Use Night Light’s night mode during reading before bedtime for a better reading experience. Experience the magic of twilight. Twilight is the color of the soft, bright light from the sky that you see at sunset.

No need to open the app, change settings from anywhere without interrupting your work. Just tap the notification setting icon to set: –

● Filter color

filter intensity
● Dimmer intensity

You must have seen the night shift on the iPhone? Well, let’s see that now. Best of Android, with all the features you’ll need. The best night mode app for Android.


◾ Eye protection from harmful blue light.

The night light protects your eyes by reducing the harmful effects of your screen, thus creating a twilight effect. What is the twilight effect? Twilight is the color of the soft, bright light from the sky. It saves your eyes from eye strain.

◾ Custom filter color selection.

Select the filter color that best suits your eyes. Custom filter options come with a slider to select from. Tweak the filter in the easiest way possible!

◾ Adjustable filter intensity.

Adjust the intensity of the filter that best suits your eyes. Keep in mind that higher intensities can lead to higher saturation, which can make reading texts difficult.

◾ Integrated screen dimmer.

Adjust the dimmer to adjust the brightness of the device screen. Use the screen dimmer to reduce the device’s screen brightness beyond the phone’s default minimum brightness.

◾ Save battery.

You might as well save battery power while protecting your eyes. It seems to be the best battery saving app ever!

◾ Very easy to use.

Night Light is the best light blue filter with minimalist user interface and very easy to use. There is also a persistent notification from which you can change your settings without opening your app.

Night mode.

Using Night Light’s night mode before bedtime provides a pleasant reading experience for your eyes. Night mode saves you eye strain when reading or browsing.

◾ Calendar.

There is an option to let you set a schedule for the blueight filter to start and stop automatically. Now you don’t have to worry about activating the

filter yourself. Let us do the work!

◾ Available on Chromebooks.

One of the few bluelight filters available for chromebooks. Make the most of the best light blue filter on all your devices!


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