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NFC Card Emulator Pro (Root) v7.1.0 (Full Paid) APK

A powerful and free nfc card simulator which can simulate various types of access cards, elevator cards, company or meal cards, school meal cards, library cards and other IC cards.


1 、 A phone with NFC
2 、 A rooted phone (Why Card Emulator needs root rights? Because to simulate a card, NFC Card Emulator needs to write the card id to the nfc configuration file, which requires root access)


1 、 Turn on the NFC
2 、 Open Card Emulator
3 、 Place the card against the back of the phone and after the card has been successfully scanned enter the name of the card then save it
4 、 By pressing the card simulation button, and after the simulation success, you can use the phone as if it was the card
5 、 When you simulate a card, make sure the nfc and screen are on

Phones supported under stock ROM

Xiaomi 、 HUAWEI 、 ONEPLUS 、 SONY 、 Samsung (s4 、 s5 、 note3) 、 google phones (Nexus and Pixel) 、 Meizu 、 LG 、 HTC 、 Nubia 、 Letv 、 Moto 、 Lenvo and more …

Phones not supported under stock ROM (but supported with unofficial ROM, like Aurora ROM …)
Samsung s6, s6e, s7, s7e, s8, s8 + etc

Supported watches

Huawei ……

Supported card id

Card Emulator can scan and simulate 4, 7 and 10 byte uids.

NFC chips supported

NXP and Broadcom

What’s New?

1、General stability & performance improvements.
2. Adapt the 阴天 tnt ROM, etc. The previous simulation was successful, but can’t open the door can try this new version (you need to clear the cache first and add the card again, and the old card magisk module must be regenerated)

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