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Network Signal Info Pro v5.66.14 (Paid) APK

“Network Signal Info Pro” is the same version as “Network Signal Info”, but without ads, with a new GSM relay pylon database with over 80 million entries, a new mobile signal tracker that records dates kml which can be used with Google Earth and with more widgets, a “lost-signal-hint-service” and a background recording function.

Widget Support:

1×1, 2×1- and 2×2 widgets with different styles.
(If you cannot find widgets after installation, please copy the application to the phone memory.)

With Network Signal Info Pro, you receive detailed information about the network you are using, regardless of the Wifi contact or the mobile service connection.

We have attached particular importance to viewing the strength of the WiFi and mobile signal. Normally, they are subdivided into weak, good and excellent. As for the illustration, normally only three to five bars for the mobile connection and three to five bars for the WiFi contact.

This way, you quickly receive well-visualized and detailed information about your signal strength.

In addition, there is a cvs (file format) recording function for Wi-Fi and mobile signal strength, for example to import with Excel (the column limit is the comma “,”).

At “Mobile-Signal”:

Network organizer, SIM provider, phone type, net type, network intensity in dbm and ASU, data status, data activity, phone country identification code, device identification, IF address (internal and external) and roaming status.

With “WLAN-Signal”:

Wifi name (SSID), BSSID, network frequency and channel, network encoding, MAC address, maximum WiFi speed, IP address, external IP address, subnet, gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DSN1 and DSN2 address.

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Very detailed network information.

What’s New?

More LTE (4G) information, Band name, Band number (from Android 8 and higher)
Better Android 9 and 10 support
Widget optimizations
Prepared for LTE 5G
Permission query added
bug fixes
performance improvements
stability improvements


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