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Multi View Browser v2.25 (Premium Mod) APK

With the multi-browser, you can browse multiple sites at the same time, on up to six screens.

Monitor and browse multiple sites at the same time.
You can browse multiple sites at the same time, up to six screens.
You can browse different sites and check everything at a glance.

While watching a video site, browse to another site.
While watching a video site like YouTube, you can browse to another site.
You can also display multiple video sites and watch them at the same time.
* You must mute them all.

The app is perfect for monitoring charts like stocks and virtual currencies.
You can browse multiple sites at the same time, so
the tool is perfect for following the news, which is constantly changing.

As a template, save sites that are open at the same time.
You can save a combination of multiple sites as a template.
By reading the template, you can instantly browse the same combination of sites.

There is a function to automatically renew multiple screens at the same time.
At intervals that you have set beforehand, you can automatically renew several screens at the same time.
By simply viewing the sites that are surveillance targets, you can monitor the most recent screens.

There is also an image replacement function.
You can replace an image that is displayed on a site with one that you like.

In addition, there is a function to put a lock on any transition to another site.
This function will block a transition to any other site.
It comes in handy for things like browsing sites that are full of advertisements.

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