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Morning Alarm Clock – Alarmy v4.53.12 Final (Pro) Apk


– The world’s top rated alarm clock app with 4.6 stars out of over 1,000,000 reviews!
– Crazy loud ringtones for heavy sleepers and night owls, as well as gentle wake-up sounds for morning people who want to wake up carefree
– Photo mission – Wake up and take a photo of the saved location to turn off your alarm
– Math Mission – Solve simple or advanced math problems and jumpstart your brain
– Barcode mission – Scan the barcode or QR code you registered to deactivate the alarm
– Shake Mission – Shake your phone up to 999 times to wake up your body


– Checking the alarm clock – If you’re worried about going back to sleep, don’t worry. Wake Up Check will monitor you until you prove you are fully awake
– Backup sound – Sometimes your alarm just doesn’t wake you up. But if you wait too long you get a very loud second alarm
– Time pressure – Get an AI voice dictation of the exact time and a personalized message every minute until you turn off your alarm
– Typing mission – Type some motivational quotes on your keyboard to energize you when you get up
– Mission in stages – Get out of bed and take 10, 20 or 50 steps to get moving right away
– Ad-free experience: remove all ads and customize what you see and don’t see, such as weather and news, or the farewell dialog
– Start sticking to your morning routine with a free trial today!


– Check the current temperature and choose your outfit for the day
– Personalize by playing your own music, songs and selecting background colors
– Use the Snooze / Gradual volume increase / Vibrate functions to wake up gently
– Quick alarm for quick tasks that you can use when you don’t have the least time to set up
– Prevent deactivation: this feature helps you wake up by preventing your phone from turning off while the alarm clock is ringing
– Prevent uninstallation: this feature prevents you from uninstalling this application when the alarm clock rings

HOW IT WORKS? (photo mission)

– Take a photo or select a photo of a place or object in your home
– When the photo mission alarm starts ringing in the morning, you need to take the new photo with exactly the same angle you set before. Otherwise it will never stop
ex.) If you have installed a sink image, you must take the sink from the same angle


– This app needs this permission for photo mission, which requires users to take a photo
– This app needs this permission to load external ringtones
– This app needs this permission to save photos taken by users who use photo mission
– This app needs this permission if you want to get weather information after ignoring
– This app needs this permission if you want to use prevent yourself from uninstalling it
– It uses the authorization of DEVICE MANAGER
– This app needs this permission to display the close screen on Android 10 or higher versions

Privacy policy in English: http://alar.my/privacy_policy_en.txt
email: [email protected]

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

What’s New?

– If you set limitations for “Snooze, Mute during mission”, now it is able to check the number on the Dismissal view.
– Bug fixes and many stability improvements


  • Pro | Paid features unlocked

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