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Mock Locations (fake GPS path) v1.79 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

Mock Locations allows you to fake information about your phone’s location by GPS and network operator.

& Nbsp; You simply navigate the route on the map and press the & quot ;! Go & quot; to have all the application on your phone to give false location information.

& Nbsp; It will help you in app development or if you want nobody knew where you really are.

Warning! Before purchasing the full version of the app check the performance of your device. For this purpose, there is a free trial period of 24 hours after installing the app. During this time, you can use the premium functions (Hide app using “Hide mock positions”, or move the app to the system partition and run without the Allow mock location setting). Buy the full version only after making sure my app is working properly on your device.

On devices with root access can use the app without a tick & quot; Allow fictitious positions & quot ;. (The free version of the app, this feature is available for 24 hours after installation)

To do this, you need to move the application to the system partition. This is the easiest to do using & quot; System App Converter & quot; program.

Just move the application to the system partition can be manually (using Root Explorer):

On Android 2.3.3 – 4.3: move the file & quot; ru.gavrikov.mocklocations.apk & quot; in the folder & quot; / data / app & quot; in the folder & quot; / system / app & quot; and restart the device.
On Android 4.4 – 4.4.4: move the file & quot; ru.gavrikov.mocklocations.apk & quot; in the folder & quot; / data / app & quot; in the folder in the folder & quot; / system / priv-app & quot; and restart the device.

You can even hide Mock Work Locations app on other apps (in which case they don’t see what’s on tick “ Allow Mock Positions ”). This can be done with the help of my Hide Mock Places application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.gavrikov.hidemocklocations). Warning !!! It works in the Xposed framework.

There are times when your jump coordinates with the actual location. This happens on some devices after the app has been transferred to the system partition.

First solution:

Under the device to enter the Location tab and disable the location for wireless networks. And use the app in areas where there is no real GPS signal.

Second solution:

Step 1: Completely remove the “Mock” Locations application from the device.
Step 2: Re-install on Google Play market.
A Step 3: Develop settings, activate the option “Allow mock positions”.
Step 4: Install my “Hide Mock Positions” application (it works through the Xposed framework).
Step 5: Install the Xposed frame.
A Step 6: Open Xposed. Activate the “Hide fictitious positions” module. Recharge this device.
Step 7: Open the “Hide Mock Positions” application. Choose from all the applications to hide the “Allow mock positions” setting
Step 8: Close all apps or restart your device.
Step 9: Use the “Mock Locations” application.


– GPS location Emulation and depending on the service provider.
– Possibility to create a route on the roads.
– Ability to define stopping points and indicate the stay in them.
– Possibility of defining a variable speed.
– route closed. (Allows you to build a road to move along a closed path. To do this, set the road so that the start and end points were near.)
– You can use braking before bends. (Settings – & gt; Slows down before the turn)
– You can run the emulation location at any given time.
– You can hide an app icon in the status bar. (Settings – & gt; Hide icon)

Thanks Levin Faber and Ben Black for the German translation.
Thanks Luca Boscaini for the

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