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MIUI Hidden Settings v1.4.3 (Premium) APK

Hidden parameters MIUI is an activity launcher allowing to find all the hidden options in mi phones (Miui Roms like Xiaomi Poco, redmi,…) new OS, MIUI 10, 11, 12, as well as for Samsung, LG,…

You can use this app to change settings, create quick shortcuts, unlock secret miui settings. Some Common Uses: Miui Disable App, Xiaomi and Qualcomm Engineering Mode, Miui 10 DNS, Mi Accessibility Settings, VPN Settings, 120Hz Refresh Rate Boost, Developer Options, Change APN, Battery Optimization, energy saving mode, manage applications, network type, 4G LTE switch, multi-user applications, find my device, private DNS, google settings …

Many phone manufacturers (like Xiaomi (MIUI ROM), Huawei, Samsung, Poco, Oppo, Oneplus, LG,…) hide certain menus or applications from users. This restricts users’ control over their phones and prevents them from realizing their full potential.

Hidden settings MIUI allows you to reveal, unlock and modify installed caches settings, search and view system and hardware information or discover new features. It takes the name of the system package for this setting, searches for it in installed packages and applications, and then uses the activity launcher to open it.

– Quick access to hidden settings and features.
– Alternative and shortcut to the original settings application.
– Quick shortcut to open difficult-to-access adjustment menus.

– Each setting is well described and categorized for ease of use.
– Quick search bar to quickly find what you are looking for.
– Night mode support.
– Modern UI, nice and flat icon.
– Without root and scary permissions.

– Battery optimization: helps you increase the performance of any application by managing its battery consumption or increase the speed of your phone by disabling background processes.
– Manage apps: Remove preinstalled system apps to save RAM, internal storage, and battery. Many use it to turn off Chrome or turn off YouTube to install YouTube Vanced MicroG.
– Radio Info: displays information about the radio network such as a list of nearby cell towers, signal strength, information about network tests,… Helps you repair connectivity.
– Network type: many users use it to switch to the US band or to stay on 4G LTE.

– Private DNS: dns miui 10, use it to activate ad blocker using AdGuard and make networks more secure and reliable.
– Account settings: manage accounts, open Google settings and control your personalized ads.
– Change your APN.
– Qualcomm engineering mode
– Logs and notification settings.
– Mi, Xiaomi accessibility settings.
– Developer options.
– VPN settings.
and much more.

– Depending on your phone provider (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, …) or the model of your mobile (note 2, note 4, redmi, mi 5a, mi 9t, poco f1), or os (for android 9, 10, 11, miui 10, 11, 12) some settings may not work for you.
– Some settings are risky! Only change the settings that you understand.
Do you have an idea, any suggestions? are you having problems? we would be happy to hear from you. Contact us via the developer email.

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