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LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos v5.2.1.0 (Pro Mod) APK

✔ CHIP.DE – The best app for the day²

Finally a free app to hide pictures and videos safely

With the app you can easily protect your photos, videos and entire albums from prying eyes
Private data is securely encrypted with AES
From now on, you can sit back and make sure no one has access to your photos or videos.
The reliable app is fast and easy to use.

True Encryption: Other apps only hide files but LockMyPix encrypts your photos and videos. Not only are they hidden, they are securely encrypted with AES so no one can access your private files. It really is the real security for your secret photos and videos.

Whether your strange friend wants to see something or has lost your smartphone, co-workers, friends, family, boyfriend, husband or wife cannot access your photos and videos anymore. Only those who know the passcode can see the private data – and only you own that code.

It was not easy to hide the pictures and videos safely. But today as an excellent application in CHIP.DE².

– Secure with an AES encryption token
– Easier access via fingerprint, password or pattern
– Lock any photo and video
– Photos and videos will be encrypted and disappear from Gallery
– An application that makes files hidden or visible
– Fake application login feature
– Use the external memory card instead of the internal memory
– Create encrypted backups
Your encrypted files will always be ready and available for use
– The application is available without an internet connection

★ Pro-Functions

Fake login: protect yourself from intrusive people who want to open your application, put a fake password and other files will appear to you that do not concern you as those files will appear to be encrypted and thus you will deceive intruders and no one will know that you have another hidden password for your LockMyPix app And other private files.

Use an external memory card: With LockMyPix, you can use an external memory card for your photos and videos instead of using an internal memory card that is often full.
Use hidden mode: Hide or disguise the application, as the application will appear with a different application icon, and no one but you knows that secret.

** What distinguishes LockMyPix from other apps **

Many apps can hide photos, but LockMyPix encrypts them as well. There is no way for third parties to access the protected photos and videos. Whether the NSA or the spies – no gimmicks, it’s perfect security.

** Where are the encrypted photos and videos stored? **

Files are stored securely in the LockMyPix Vault
Super feature: LockMyPix allows you to save all data on the external memory card (Pro)

** Can LockMyPix also play GIFs? **

Yes, LockMyPix provides full support for GIF files and can also hide and encrypt .GIF files

** What happens if I uninstall LockMyPix? **

Your app LockMyPix Safe continues to store your files as long as your files are on your device or external memory card, until you use the safe wipe currency as simple app uninstallation does not erase your files.

To contact us if you have any questions or for help, send us a message at [email protected]

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