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Learn Hindi. Speak Hindi v8.1.2 (Subscriped) APK

Learning Hindi with games in just a few minutes a day is possible with Mondly exercises. Take your free Hindi lessons today: In a matter of minutes you will have memorized the main Hindi words, formed sentences with the right grammar and pronunciation, and reviewed the phrases that allow you to participate in a conversation. The lessons are organized in games to learn Hindi and its irregular verbs quickly and to improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation: effective language learning. A great beginner, child, or intermediate in Hindi, whether you are in cm2, cm1 or ce2, a traveler or a busy businessman, the application meets your needs.

Discover many Hindi exercises organized as a game to learn to read, listen, write and speak in Hindi with a dictionary, French translator, conjugator and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology.
Download the app today and speak Hindi for the rest of your life. It’s free and it’s easy !

How to learn languages ​​the easy way

Studying hundreds of basic words and phrases and then beating yourself down with Hindi grammar lessons is pointless. Yet, this is the traditional way of learning a language. Mondly aims to be different in its easy approach with games for beginners, as opposed to that of a traditional language course.

The future of language courses

The application starts with a basic conversation between two people. Memorize the key words, use them to construct sentences and phrases, and by the end of the 45 minute module you will be able to reconstruct the conversation. These exercises are the best way to learn the language. The state-of-the-art voice recognition system and spaced repetition algorithms make the app the perfect way to learn the language, even for a beginner or a child.

Why Mondly:

– Perfect audio quality and professional voice. Learn the correct Hindi pronunciation from conversations between natives.

– State-of-the-art voice recognition. Mondly listens to your vocabulary and expressions in Hindi. You will only receive positive feedback if you speak correct Hindi to improve your pronunciation.

– Expressions for real situations. There is no point in learning thousands of words. Mondly teaches you Hindi vocabulary using simple words and phrases. With the app, reduce the learning process to a simple suite of thematic courses.

– Learn Conversation Hindi, the reason why you should take this free course. It will teach you how to build a basic Hindi vocabulary with many nouns and verbs (including irregular verbs) and speak Hindi clearly.

– Conjugation of verbs. During the app lessons, simply touch the Hindi verbs and receive the entire conjugation on the screen, with the irregular verbs and their French translation. Much faster and easier than a dictionary.

– Statistics. The app creates smart statistical reports, so you can track your progress. Build your vocabulary step by step and get better every day.

– Adaptive learning. Our app learns with you, so after spending some time with Mondly, the app will understand your preferences and become your own personalized language guide and teacher!

By the end of this hindi course, you will master the 5,000 most useful words and phrases in the language and soon you will know a new language.


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