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KokoTime v2.2.33 (Pro) Apk

Kokotime is a simple, free, and elegantly designed media center that lets you watch all your favorite media in a unique and easy-to-use design. Equipped with unique features like Universal Cast and Video Player Side Drawer, Kokotime will give you a unique multimedia experience.

Kokotime also has a Chromecast remote control so you can cast your content to Chromecast in the app.

You can also browse your files using the in-app file manager and Kokotime will index and organize your local media as well. In addition, Kokotime has a M3u parser so that users can add and play M3u playlists with the built-in player that supports navigation through playlist content (double tap to launch).

Kokotime also supports add-ons for uploading media libraries or uploading media from your local server or public media service and viewing them in one layout while displaying additional information in a beautiful design,

Documentation on creating add-ons is available on our website for developers who want to contribute.

The app is still under development and more content is added with each update. If you have any feature requests that you want to be added in future updates, please feel free to contact us.

Small list of some of the features offered by Kokotime:

– Support for third-party add-ons.

– Indexes your local media and organizes them by genre, recently added, top rated, but also displays rich media like posters / backgrounds for your local files without having to download, get recaps, reviews and cast of casting for all your media, Kokotime will do it all.

– Integrated video player with support for HLS and DASH live streams and multiple video extensions optimized for local and online streaming.

– File manager

– M3u playlist analyzer, add your m3u playlists or play them directly.

– Chromecast support.

– Universal Cast, which is a unique service that allows you to cast any media to any device without the need for an external device.

– Keep looking where you left off

– Automatic subtitle loading with custom subtitle style

– Synchronization of subtitles in the video player

FAQ and help: http://kokotime.tv/help


Kokotime does not contain any content. This means you need to deliver your own content from local or remote storage, DVD, Blu-Ray, or whatever media you own. Additionally, Kokotime allows you to install third-party plugins which may provide access to content available for free on the official website of the content provider. Any other means of viewing illegal content that would otherwise be paid for is not endorsed or endorsed by Kokotime.


– Kokotime does not provide or include any media or content.
– Users must provide their own content or install one of the third-party plugins
– Kokotime has no affiliation with any third party plug-in or add-on provider.
– We do not endorse the streaming of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.
Kokotime is a simple, free and stylish design media center that will allow you to watch all your favorite media content in a unique and stylish user-friendly design. Unique features like Universal Cast and Kokotime side drawer video player gives you a unique multimedia experience. Kokotime also has a Chromecast remote so you can cast your content to your Chromecast in the app.

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