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Islamic Audios Library v5.10.35 (Subscribed) APK

Complete library

audio library Islamic Android courses and speeches and lectures Islamic number over 60,000 studied and 795 and invited Sheikh
With the ability to listen online or by downloading and listening without the Internet. Provide preferred allocate the most important speeches, and the elders Mufdilaan you have.

: App Features

The ability to search the names of elders and preachers
The possibility of arranging the Senate by the number of name speeches, depending on the preferred top are placed
The possibility of research in speeches and lessons
Live listening to online courses and speeches
Download the lessons and listen to them without an internet connection
Download more studied at the same time, the possibility of
The existence of the list of speeches and lessons loaded
The existence of the list of favorite speeches and lessons
Lesson will automatically stop when you receive a phone call and continue after completion or any other audio, such as OpenVPN influence
Possibility to activate or deactivate automatic navigation between lessons at the end of a particular lesson
Possibility to control the application via the main screen of the phone or media player
In addition to redundancy and has a beautiful design

The most important Senate:

Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Uthaymine
Algerian Abu Bakr
Abdul Aziz ibn Baz
Abdul Rahman Abdul Khaliq
Abdul Muhsin
Ahmed Htaibh
Mohammed hassan
Mohamed Ismail presented
Mohammed upholstered
Mohamed Hussein Yacoub
Mohammed Nasser Eddin Albanian
Yasser Al Borhamy
Abu Ishaq thrust
Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Rajhi
Khaled bin Ali Mushayqih
Reda Shata
group of seniors
return Salman
Saleh Bin Fawzan
Mohamed Mokhtar Shanqeeti
Ayed Al-Qarni
Mohamed sharawi
Nabil Al awadi
Mr. El Sawy
Mohammed jamil ghazi
Peaceful Abdullah bin Nasser
Massad Anwar
Abdul Rahim Miller
Capt. Ahmed
Ahmed Hassan Khader Hassanein
Hassan Abu Zuhairi Cubs
Mohamed Hassan Abdel Ghaffar
Mohamed salem attia
Famous Bin Hassan Al Salman
Saleh Bin Awad Moghamesi
Abdul Hamid Booth
Salah al-Din Ali Abdel-existent
Omar Abdul Kafi
Abdullah Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Djibrine
Nafie bin Khalid al-Alwani
Washed Victor
Fawzi Al-Saeed
Ayman Shehadh
Abu Bakr al-Hanbali
Ahmed Saeed Alfodei
Nasser Bin Abdul Karim spirit
Wagdy Ghoneim
Adel Youssef Azzazi
Abdullah bin Abbas Badr
Safar al-Hawali
Winner of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Zour
Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Al
Mahmoud Masri
Hazem Shoman
Said Mustafa Diab
Hamad Al-Hamad
Mustafa infection
Saad BRIC country
Abdel-Rahman El Sawy
Majdi Arafat
Ahmed Jalel
Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh
Mohamed said ruslan
Mohamed Abdel Maksoud
Ahmed grew up
Mohammed Sayed al-Haj
Ahmed Al-Qattan
Moroccan Farid Ansari
Wahid Abdel Salam Bali
Abdul Rashid Mawlawi
Savior bin Mahmoud Alsagar
Mohamed Ould Sidi Yahya Shanqeeti
Omar bin Abdul Karim Alterpana
Abdullah Hammad Rassi
Samir Faraj Mustafa
Ahmed Ibrahim al-Masri
Ali bin Omar Badahdah
Mohamed Ahmed Ali Bagabr
Abdel Moneim Shahat
Abdullah bin Mohammed Aghannaman
Osama Suleiman
Abdul Aziz Abdul Latif
Saad Bin Saeed Pierre
Mohammed huge Madhadji
Mohammad Hassan slashed
Abdel Azim Badawi
Yousef Ghafis
Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar Chmar
Ragheb sergani
Saeed Bin Misfer
Shaaban Mahmoud Abdullah
Said Bwesera
Saad Arafat
Khaled Othman Saturday
Abdullah Shuraidah
Safwat Hijazi
Mohamed Lamine Shanqeeti


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