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Instagram Pro v7.50 + (Clone) APK

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What is InstaPro?

Hi everyone! Instagram Pro APK is the best Insta Mod for Android devices. and this devlope by SamMods. By the way, no more worries at all, we have brand new Instagram Pro to replace the Other Insta Mod in terms of functionality and performance. Recently, the developer released the latest version based on the Play Store base.

Download InstaPro

What’s New in InstaPro APK 7.50
Version Info
What is InstaPro
InstaPro Features
How to install InstaPro

What’s new in v7.50

Fixed all previous bugs
Base update
[Added] Changing the wallpaper of the chat in the background
[Added] Application icons
[Added] Autoplay story video
[Added] Live ghost mode (Hide live view)
[Added] Chat theme enabled for custom chat
[Added] Message forwarding enabled
[Added] Voicemail download
[Added] Start reel video directly with sound
[Fixed] Heating problem on some devices

What’s new in v7.35

Fixed history view
New base
1.stories tab disabled
2. Add autoplay stories
3 Add download voice video and photo
4. Theme option for the chat screen
5.Profile picture zoom option for comment section
6.improved translation
7.fixed download button for Arabic language
8.Added download option for home stream
9.Added custom color dialog for lock screen background
10.Fixed delete liled message

What’s new in v7.20

– [Fixed] Modify the selection crash
– [Corrected] Unsubscribe tracking
– [Fixed] Facebook connection
– And many more …
– Added ALL 6.20 features
– Added Dark Mod
– Added Blue Tick verification
– Fixed the following bug
– New base update
– Rolls added
– Correct bugs
– And many more …


Privcay – In every application, privacy is important. In this version some full privacy features are used (do not mark messages as read live, hide stories, hide input status in DM).
Upload Stories and Media – Uploading is the most important feature, you can save stories and upload images and videos to streams by pressing the download button and also using an additional option.
Save IGTV Videos – You can save IGTV videos to your Android device storage.
Ad-Free – Instagram Pro (InstaPro) Completely Ad-Free You won’t see any ads between the feed and stories.
Photos in full quality – With this feature, you can share full resolution.
Translate – Support Google and Yandex translation engine. Comments and articles can be translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
Browser in app – You have the option of choosing have to open another browser to visit any link.
Purchase Items in Search – You can turn off promotional items.
Track un-followed – Many people know who unsubscribed them. So this option makes sense in this case. Even you can see the list of non-subscribers with this InstaPro.
Application Lockdown – No more need for other applications and tools. Insta Pro simply locks your Instagram with the PIN code.
Follows You – Possibility to display the tag (follows you). You can easily see who is following you.
some shortcut features
Activate / Deactivate Double tap to like
Download media with a triple click.
Zoom in on the image by long pressing.
Turn off the scan to open the camera and DM.


mini features
Copy the comments.
Copy the user bio.
Check if the user is following you by accessing their profile.
Comment links can be opened directly.
Listen to and add music to stories
Add music stickers to stories (may not be available in your country)


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