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Huge Digital Clock Pro v5.3.0 (Full) (Paid) APK


—– Important !! —–

If you bought the app, but can’t download it, try closing and reopening the PlayStore, or canceling the download and trying again.
This app is not for the lock screen.

It’s a huge digital clock, the biggest there is! It reproduces the fabulous digital clock. The display is always on. The design is customizable.

Additional functions of the Pro version:

– Without advertising.
– A home screen widget is available.
– You can adjust the brightness for night mode.
– The battery status can be displayed.
– Weather information can be displayed.
– Move the clock (prevents screen burn-in).
– The size of the clock can be adjusted.
– Option to close the app if the battery is low.


– displays a large digital clock;
– Can show the day of the week;
– Can display calendar date;
– You can adjust the color of the clock.
– You can set the clock font.
* You can set the time to h24 or h12 and the format is automatically detected on first start.
* Works both vertically and horizontally. Orientation can also be detected automatically.
* The status bar can be hidden.
* Floating clock for the home screen.

Also you can set the alarm. The alarm clock also works with the clock in the background or with the phone locked.

It is possible to use the Large Digital Clock Pro widget for the home screen.

You can use the Large Digital Clock as a screen saver while the phone is charging. The phone must support this function. You can

configure the screen saver from the application setting, or by following this procedure:

1. Access the phone settings.
2. Tap “Display”.
3. Select “Screensaver” or “Screensaver” (depending on the phone) to display the available applications.
4. Select “Large Digital Clock” as the screen saver.
During the Big Digital Clock screen saver, you can adjust the screen brightness using a dedicated icon.

Works on any device, including tablets. If you decide to use this clock at night, since the monitor is always on, it is best to put the phone on charge.

If you don’t like the app, instead of giving a negative vote, send me an email! I will try my best to solve every problem. Thank you 🙂

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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