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GPS Photo Notes v1.031 (Pro Mod) APK

A simple and easy-to-use application with which you will definitely not forget the place where the photos were taken and at any time you can see them on the Google map. Immediately after the shooting, the photo can indicate:
-Geolocation stamp showing coordinates, height and direction
-Make graphic notes in the form of arrows, geometric shapes, and write text
-Combine multiple photos into one note and share it with friends and colleagues


PHOTO – originals of the photo

LABEL – a photograph on which graphic markings have been made or a geolocation stamp has been placed
FORMATED NOTES – in the “Tags” section, one or several photos are selected and a “Note” is created, which is stored in the application’s memory and consists of a text document with a description and photos of tags attached to it
UPLOADED NOTES – by going to the “Formed notes” section and opening any note, at the very bottom of the screen, press the “Upload” button. After that, the “Formed note” is uploaded to the phone memory


Import any of your old photos and the application will try to extract location and time data from them.
Export originals of photos, photos with a stamp of coordinates or tags from the application to the phone memory.


In this section, by default, the “Photostream” album is created, which contains all your photos, as well as imported photos. Additionally, you can create new albums and duplicate the photos you need in them, according to your preferences.
By opening any photo, you can:
– view detailed information about the image
– see the photo on the Google map, as well as change the coordinates by moving the photo to the desired location on the map
– put a geolocation stamp on the photo, displaying coordinates, address, height and direction of shooting
– draw an “arrow”, “geometric figure” on the photo or write text


This section contains all your photos, which have been graphically marked or stamped with geolocation.
By selecting one, several or all photo tags, button icons appear at the very bottom of the screen and you can:
– export them to the phone memory;
– create a “note”;
– remove tags by moving them to the trash.


Any photos can be viewed on Google map.
For the application to work in offline mode and the correct display of the area map, we recommend that you download the offline Google Maps in advance (Google Maps application> MENU> OFFLINE MAPS> SELECT MAP).


In order to form a note, you need to go to the “Tags” section and select one or several photo tags and at the very bottom of the screen click on the “Note” icon.
Next, a form for creating a note will open, which, if necessary, indicates additional information (Template, Title, Description and Add lines) related to the note. For the “Template” field, you can create text templates in advance and substitute the required template when forming a note.
Photos of tags attached to a note can be converted into links and they will be added to the description of the note.
After filling in all the necessary information, press “Generate” and your note appears in the “Formed notes” section.

In order to upload notes to the phone memory, you need to go to the “Formed notes” section, open any note and click “Upload”. The selected note will be uploaded to the phone memory.

If you use several standard text descriptions for a note, you can in advance in the section (MENU> SETTINGS> ADDITIONAL INFORMATION) create text templates and substitute the required template when forming a note.

In this section, you can change the “Name” and the standard “Icon” of the application to any one from the proposed list. And also set a password and a false password to access the application.

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