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Game Controller 2 Touch PRO v1.2.7.4 (Paid) Apk

Game Controller 2 Touch PRO is an UNIQUE app which allows Android Gamers to use their USB/Bluetooth Gamepads with almost ANY Game made for the Android. It is the most feature rich refined and easy to use premium Touch Emulation software. It allows for using any USB/Bluetooth Game Controller/Gamepad to control Android games through Touch Emulation. Turn any Touch-Screen ONLY game to a completely Game Controller supported one.Get precise control over your games. Win Online Battles. And much more. Now compatible with all Android Versions. No Custom Kernel required.

IMPORTANT: NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID OREO PIE and ANDROID Q(Version Root Access required with the latest Magisk SuperSu. Install Busybox for Automatic Profiles.

Read User Guide carefully here: https://goo.gl/roG96r

New Features :
– Relative Touch[Camera Movement] System
– Automatic Profile Switch
– Support for All Generic Gamepads/Joysticksas well as renowned Controllers such as DualShock 4 Xbox 360(Wireless & Wired) Controller Dual Shock 3 & 4 Moga Proetc
– Background Image Profile Tag
– Material Design User Interface
– Momentary Key Press
– 8-Way DPAD
– Refined 8 -way Swipe mechanism
– Integrated Gamepad testing interface
– Easier setup compared to Non-PRO.
– 4x-5x sized Analog Sticks Buttons for Touch Profile Editor.
– Universal Virtual Touch Screen Driver
– Works perfectly with emulators e.g. Reicast PPSSPP FPSE Drastic N64oid Mame4Droid etc .

Tested Game Controllers :

Xbox One Controllers
GameSir Controllers
Wireless & Wired Xbox 360 Controller
PS4 Dual Shock 4
All iPega Controllers
All Logitech Controllers
All Moga Controllers including the New Moga Pro Power and Hero Power[HID MODE]
Nyko PlayPad/Pro
Ouya Controller
Mad Catz Controller
Samsung Gamepad
nVidia Shield’s Gamepad
Wired PS4 & PS3 Controllers
Snakebyte iDroid
Green Throttle Atlas
Some Fake Dual Shock 3.


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