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Ezan Time Pro – Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran v8.2.5 (Premium) APK

PRAYER ON TIME: Prayer is a constant reminder. Until you say OK.

✔ Warning in Times Athan.
✔ Reminder before entering hours.
✔ Auto mute on time.
✔ Auto mute in Masjeeds.
✔ According to your position from the GPS (satellite) time to calculate.
✔ Religious objects or monthly downloads per month with their ability to work without internet.
✔ Wake up Sahor.
✔ Fasting reminder from Monday to Thursday
✔ Friday prayer reminder (interchangeable with short sela sound)
✔ The community of prayer.
✔ All the Quran. Voice.
✔ Hatim online sharing (to, time, page, Juz based).
✔ Read autofocus verses to follow.
✔ Hijri day and month.
✔ Automatic kadha tracking,
✔ Qibla Compass.
✔ Qiblah card.
✔ Find the nearby mosque (Google service)
✔ Alerts multiple audio options for options.
✔ separately for each prayer time and to select the sound.
✔ Functionality Wake up to morning prayer. (Sounds at high volume)
✔ Library.
✔ for Tesbihat. (Linked objects automatically switched)
✔ Prayer of supplication and time
✔ Hijri calendar converter.
✔ Weather
✔ Kaaba online tracking.
✔ 5 years of important religious day and night.
✔ Amal Book application
✔ Religious available on the countries, cities and counties site.
✔ place tightly for No minutes plus or minus a deviation from a selected location to set the minutes. (Plus or minus 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.).
✔ Support for 21 languages.
✔ Automatic work in the background
✔ Downloadable content has been minimized with the size of the program.

** Important note: the app is moved to the SD card widget DOES NOT WORK **


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